Favorite Articles

Here are a few of Alexandra's favorite articles, essays, and stories from the last few years. Enjoy!

10 of my favorite first date questions.

10 of the best possible “worst case scenarios.”

10 questions for mid-year reflection.

10 reasons to quit social media.

10 slow and difficult steps to moderate success.

10 ways to answer the question, “Can I pick your brain over coffee?”

10 ways to write blog post titles & email subject lines that make people go, “whoa!”

100 alternatives to the question, “So, what do you do?”

100 Questions to Spark Conversation & Connection.

12 interesting topics you could write about.

12 ways to get more people reading & sharing your blog.

14 questions to ask yourself before starting a book project.

15 holiday gift ideas. (Mostly “experiences.” Not much “stuff.”)

18 places to check out if you’re visiting Portland.

20 reasons to be happy and hopeful about humanity, the future, the world… and everything.

20 Ways To Find Clients And Customers Without Using Social Media

21 mantras for people who are afraid of “missing out.”

21 mantras for people who are ridiculously, painfully, excruciatingly overwhelmed.

26,500 days.

27 ways to be an (even) better person.

3 lessons from 12 years of yoga.

3 ways to become a strong, confident, and consistent writer.

30 confidence vitamins to pump you up.

30 mini-love notes for Valentine’s Day… or any day.

33 prompts to unlock new blog posts and stories that need to be told.

35 things you can do instead of starting a blog.

37,376 minutes to go…

5 questions for a bright, clear and focused new year.

5 questions to ask yourself on New Year’s Day… or any day.

5 ways to write an inspiring manifesto.

5 ways to write your “ABOUT” page.

5 writing ideas for people who have “no time to write.”

50 ways to be ridiculously generous — and feel ridiculously good.

50 ways to make money as a writer.

50 ways to say “you’re awesome.”

7 beautiful writing projects that you can finish in a single day. (Or even… just a few minutes.)

7 guidelines for writing emails that people actually want to read.

7 questions to ask yourself when you’re not sure who you’re becoming.

78 things to do on your digital sabbatical.

9 sexy & adorable ways to give your partner some love.

A 75-word business plan.

A chronology of my life as a professional writer.

A Letter to My Mom.

A story about a brave dog.

Add to the love in the world.

All the awkward firsts…

Always one more time.

Answer the call.

As long as it takes.

Be done with what’s done. Let it burn.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Be the lighthouse.

Be the one who says “YES.”

Because of you.

Before you start writing: 4 practices to help you get focused & clear.

Begin again.

Big trees.

But what if nobody shows up?

Checklists for challenging times.

Closing the gap.

Crank up the light.

Devotion & slow poached eggs.

Dig deep.

Distracted? Overwhelmed? The question that brings me back home.

Do something cool.

Do you need that?

Do you want to quit social media?

Don’t “write blog posts” or “launch products.” Create little miracles.

Don’t know what to write about? 88 pieces of fill-in-the-blank inspiration.

Don’t know what to write in your online dating profile? Try this.

Don’t leave a hole where your finest work should go.

Don’t leave before the miracle happens.

Downsizing your joy? Stop that. Let us be happy for you.

Dude. Stop yelling at the cat.

Email guidelines for the world.

Email subject lines that I would love to see in my inbox.

Empty the tank.

Even if you don’t feel ready.

Ever been in love? Congratulations. You’re a genius.

Everything changes now if you say so.

Everything is marketing.

Fear Choice vs. Love Choice. Which will you choose?

Feeling stressed? Do a tiny project.

Figure it out.

Find a reason.

Flip it around.

Fortunately, it is not required for happiness.

Full strength black coffee.

Get back on the bike.

Get in the water.

Get into your angry place.

Get out of the cart.

Get some courage. Give some courage.

Give it to yourself.

Give yourself the green light.

Go make a few mistakes today. 

Go with your hut.

Good Question: 5 of the trickiest writing questions that I’ve ever heard.

Good Question: How can I create a clear “brand” and “message” when I love to do so many different things?

Good Question: How can I follow up with potential clients who aren’t responding?

Good Question: How can I get back in touch with my sexy, sensual side?

Good Question: How can I get un-hooked from Facebook?

Good Question: How can I protect my energy when I’m living with a partner who sees “problems” and “darkness” everywhere?

Good Question: How can I protect my ideas from copycats?

Good Question: How can I stay creative when I have to sit and type all day long?

Good Question: How can I stop being such a perfectionist when I’m writing emails?

Good Question: How can I tell if I am just “settling” in a relationship?

Good Question: How can I tell when a piece of writing is “done?”

Good Question: How can I write to someone I admire & get their attention?

Good Question: How do I get my first client?

Good Question: How do I get through resistance and take action?

Good Question: How do I start charging for something I’ve always done for free?

Good Question: How should I write a eulogy?

Good Question: I am hopelessly in love with someone who is not available. Now what?

Good Question: I want to be a professional writer but I have zero experience. Help!

Good Question: I want to get started as a copywriter. What should I do?

Good Question: I want to write a book and I need help. Who can help me?

Good Question: My client is being totally unreasonable. I don’t know what to say. Help!

Good Question: My client isn’t getting “results” and she’s upset… with me. Now what?

Good Question: Oops! I said something I shouldn’t have. Now what?

Good Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing?

Good Question: What are your favorite sex toys?

Good Question: What is a “good” writer, anyway?

Good Question: What should I say to a friend who is constantly flaking out?

Good Question: Why am I not doing that one thing I really want to do?

Got a big dream? Start with one room.

Got a nude photo shoot coming up? My tips on how to feel brave, strong & sexy.

Grow wild.

Gym rats & bookworms! Choose a fitness program you will love… based on your favorite type of book.

Hard is not a reason.

He’s waiting. She’s listening.

Here comes the wave.

How can I make this feel amazing?

How do you find clients and customers?

How hard are you trying, really?

How I decide what to charge.

How to ask someone on a date.

How to attract people you can count on — in life, love & business.

How to avoid being someone’s “assistant” for the rest of your career and finally do your own thing.

How to be kind when the answer is “no.”

How to be more eloquent & witty.

How to be more interesting than a phone.

How to choose your “next big thing.”

How to choose your purpose.

How to cleanse your calendar & life: part one [the easy part]

How to cleanse your calendar & life: part two [the hard part]

How to clear mental space in your brain.

How to consult with a mystic (… and ask really good questions.)

How to get “back on track” with a goal when you’re backsliding.

How to get fewer emails.

How to have a fun & fascinating conversation with anyone.

How to love your work… even when you don’t love your work.

How to make your point.

How to practice Asteya — non-stealing of others’ time — in your work and everyday life.

How to prepare for a video interview.

How to say “no” to everything ever.

How to set goals & commitments that you’ll actually keep.

How to structure a helpful article, blog post, or story.

How to survive when everything sucks.

How to tell a great story – onstage.

How to write a book. (See also: complete anything.)

How to write a manifesto.

How to write a ridiculously sexy note (or text) to your sweetheart.

How to write policies for your business & life.

I can’t tell “that story”…

I did it! vs. It was worth it. (There’s a difference…)

I love you, but no.

I was here.

I wonder what kind of battle they are fighting today?

I’m not lying. It’s just that the truth has changed.

I’m not that busy. Really.

I’m proud of you.


If you really knew me, you’d know… [the ultimate conversation starter]

If you want to be a professional writer…

If you were the best in the world at what you do, how would you behave?

Is it possible to run a business without using social media?

Is your Internet penis too small?

It all matters.

It was an ordinary day…

It’s not an audition. It’s a performance.

It’s not OK.

It’s OK to be awesome.

It’s worth it.

It’s worth the risk.

Just be helpful.

Just one true story.

Just so you know…

Just the right words. Just the right time. 3 stories to inspire you to say them.

Keep marching.

Keep the channel open.

Keep writing the damn alphabet.

Kindness is not a joke.

Let it hurt. Then get to work.

Let the training begin.

Like it used to be.

Look up.

Make a checklist…and you might win a trip to Hawaii.

Make it right.

Make today a “Mel Brown Smile” kind of day.

Mama Hotdog!

Marketing = Making art.

Mind if I join you?

Minds can change.

Money amplifies your art.

Mr. E: A long overdue letter.

Need to write a bio? Use this.

No more excuses.

No regrets.

Nobody knows what’s going to work for you.

Not in my presence.

Not perfect.

Not sure what to write about?

Now, There Is More Than Before.

Oh yes. You can.

On flakiness & devotion.

On hiding, censorship, and the impossible task of trying to please everybody.

On simplicity, night visions & doing what you damn well please.

One letter can change your life — or someone else’s.

Or, you might surprise yourself.

People want to help you.

Please don’t cancel.

Poem: Home.

Poem: I want to be your lightning bolt.

Poem: Once.

Poem: Origami stars.

Poem: Pick up the bottles.

Poem: The benefits of isolation.

Poem: The goal

Poem: Two ways to open an egg.

Poem: You are not confused.


Productivity secrets that I learned from a sexy chef.

Public speaking tips for introverts. (Like me.)

Read this if: you are anxiously searching for your life purpose.

Read this when you can’t remember who you are, what you do, why you do it — or how to talk about it.

Red pills, blue pills & nipple tassels.

Remember who you are.

Say it now.

Schedule “life” first.

Shoot your shot.

Show some respect for the brave.

Still trying to “find your voice” as a writer? That’s not how it works.

Stop making a “sales pitch.” Instead, write your customer a “love letter.”

Sweep your street well.

Take back your power.

Take the initiative.

Technology, peace, and sanity.

Tell me everything.

Temporary discomfort. It’s worth it.

That’s a thing you can do???

The “Phone People.” Be afraid. Be very afraid…

The 3 major flavors of “writer’s block.”

The 7 emails that nobody wants to receive — and how to answer each one with love.

The big break.

The head and the heart.

The Internet Pledge.

The joy of tiny projects.

The kitchen is waiting.

The love list: tools, books, music, projects & people that I love and recommend. [2015-2016]

The love list: tools, books, music, projects & people that I love and recommend. [2017]

The opposite.

The power of “I am.”

The power of an unexpected “time out.”

The sandwich.

The simple, sexy truth about how to “get booked” and “sell stuff.”

The six types of motivation.

The smallest thing.

The Story of Why I Decided to Become a Mom.

The ultimate guide to naming your “thing.”

There is no rush.

There’s always a simpler way.

This is it.

This is just a reminder.

This is what my iPhone screen looks like.

This is what’s possible.

This might help you stick with your fitness goals.

This one’s for you.

Three rules for a sexy, successful relationship. [grown ups only. kids: avert your eyes]

Time, action, and bagels.

Tiny is big.

Tired of waiting? Great. Start creating.

Today is a great day to be alive.

Today is not over yet.

Today might be full of surprises.

Try to stay here if you can.

Trying is always worth it.

Want to be part of this?

We can be scared together.

We can change.

What are you capable of giving?

What do you want to remember?

What else?

What I know about love.

What if you didn’t give up?

What if your job didn’t exist?

What is your “dough”?

What is your dream?

What kind of “professional” do you want to be?

What to do when a friend is grieving — and you don’t know how to help.

What to do when you hit your “creative ceiling.”

What to say (and not say) to someone with a broken heart.

What would Love do?

What would you say?

What you do is who you become.

What’s their name?

What’s your choice?

What’s your Plan Z?

What’s your Plan Z?

Whatever it takes.

Whatever you can do.

When you “don’t have time” is when you need it most of all.

When you die you won’t care about emails.

When your brain is so crammed, so stressed…

When your project just doesn’t “take off.”

Who is living your dream?

Why I don’t use social media anymore.

Why I want to be a “Daymaker.”

Will anyone come to my party?

Will you mow a lawn for your dream?

Write from a full cup.


Yet another way to write your bio.


You already know everything.

You are a big deal.

You are a grown up. Do what you want.

You are not boring.

You can make excuses or you can make progress.

You don’t have to “overcome adversity” in order to “know stuff.”

You have a voice. You have a conscience. You have a heart.

You might be the only one.

You’ll never be done.

You’re going to be judged.

You’re doing a great job.

Your book.

Your legendary hit? It could be a joke.

Your life is a hot date. Show up.

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