Don’t leave before the miracle happens.

The tragic suicide of one of the world’s most beloved comedians has rattled us all.

Robin Williams struggled with depression, addiction, alcoholism and other demons for many years. His death did not come out of “nowhere”.

From what the media reports, he tried, very hard, to bring himself to a place of balance.

Whatever he tried… it wasn’t enough.

I wish that Robin had been able to stay with us.
I wish that Philip had been able to stay with us.
I wish that my uncle Adam had been able to stay with us, too.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, I urge you…

… in the words of my beautiful friend Catherine, an addiction survivor herself:

“Don’t leave before the miracle happens.”

Stay. Just one more day. Then another.

Your breakthrough moment of healing… your greatest creative idea of all time… the child you have longed for… the love of your life… your personal “miracle” could be waiting… just around the bend.

If only you’ll stay.

Don’t leave.

Please stay.

If you, or someone you love, is struggling to stay in this world, please seek help.

Today: call a friend just to say: “Hey, I’m glad you’re on the planet.” (My friend Dyana’s signature catchphrase. It’s a good one.)