Courses on Writing, Publishing, and Getting Things Done


Thursday July 20 and Friday July 21, 2023


  • Strengthen your writing skills, meet terrific people, and get important projects done.
  • Learn how to write like a professional copywriter…even if you aren’t one.
  • This workshop teaches you how to make your writing more clear, brief, and persuasive.
  • Perfect for anyone who wants more clients, more customers, more sales, more people saying “Yes!” to whatever you offer.
  • Online. Participate from anywhere in the world.
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  • In this course, we teach you how to write and self-publish a book.
  • Start with an idea. Graduate with a completed book in your hands.
  • We break the process into tiny, achievable steps.
  • Anytime you need help, a Book Coach is one email away.
  • Payment plans and scholarships are available.
  • More than 650 graduates and hundreds of books written, including several award-winning books and best-sellers.
  • Upon graduation, your book gets featured in a professional photo shoot, at a book fair, and inside a brick and mortar bookshop.
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  • PS. You don’t want to self-publish your book? You would prefer to get a book deal with a traditional publisher? Check out The Book Deal Course.


  • Is it possible to find plenty of clients and customers, earn great money, and run a successful business…without social media? Yes. The course shows the way.
  • Course includes:
  • List of 115 marketing ideas that do not require social media.
  • Inspiring examples of big (and small) companies that do not use social media—and their reasons for leaving.
  • Interviews with business owners who quit social media or cut back—and how they’re achieving success.
  • Worksheet: how to build a marketing plan. Fill out this worksheet to create a calm, sensible plan that doesn’t require you to be online 24/7.
  • Facts on how excessive screen time and social media scrolling impacts your mental health—and why it’s a good idea to cut back.
  • Instructions on how to take a break from social media (social media detox) without hurting your business.
  • Independent study course. Start anytime. Work at your own pace.
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