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Alexandra does not feature sponsored posts, paid product reviews, guest posts, affiliate marketing, or any other type of paid/sponsored content on this website or anywhere else.


Alexandra does not have a Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram account, or any other social media accounts.

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Alexandra has a small business team that includes one part-time assistant and a few contractors/freelancers.

We do our best to reply to emails promptly. You can typically expect a response within 1-5 days–although sometimes we’re a bit slower because we’re human beings and, you know, “life happens.”

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


When you subscribe to Alexandra’s newsletter, your email address is stored in a secure piece of software called Aweber.

Your email address will never be sold or shared with anyone. Never. Ever. Not even if they try to bribe us with free Beyoncé concert tickets.


You registered for a class, workshop, or retreat…but now you can’t attend? Oh no! Bummer.

Here’s what can happen next:

– You can give your ticket to a friend who can attend in your place. (How generous of you! They will be so excited!)

– You can sell your ticket to a colleague who can attend in your place. (“Hey guys, I’ve got this ticket I need to sell…who’s interested?”)

– You can switch into another event that’s taking place at a different time, if space is still available.

– The only thing you cannot do is…get a refund. No refunds for cancellations except for extreme and unusual circumstances like hospitalization, emergency surgery, etc.

Thank you for respecting this policy.


Alexandra is not physician, psychologist, or any kind of mental health professional. She writes from a personal perspective–not from a medical perspective. Please use common sense, trust your “hut” (heart + gut) when considering different pieces of advice, and take good care of yourself. Crisis Text Line is an excellent, free, 24/7 resource if you need urgent mental/emotional support.


Thanks for reviewing these policies.

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