What to do when you hit your “creative ceiling.”

Trust me: someday, it’ll happen to YOU.

You’re chugging merrily along, doing your work, doting on your clients, dabbling in manifestation, dreaming up new ways to maybe-hopefully make a happy dent in the universe, when BAM-OLA: Book deal. Sold-out workshop. Then another. 9 solid months of clients, waiting patiently in the wings. 40and people on your waiting list. Actual CELEBRITIES requesting your brain-time & skills. Sweeping invitations to fly & teach in Mexico, the Bahamas, NYC, LA and beyond.

It feels good. It feels right. Except … your heart is perma-beating at double-speed … your chin has this one angry pimple that won’t go away … you forget (perhaps for the first time in your life!) to eat food … and you start having dreams about being trapped in a luxury hotel with a karate nemesis that (for some reason) you have to slay with a broadsword.

Yup. You’ve hit your creative ceiling — your (current) maximum bandwidth for fame, attention & public self-expression.

I hit my ceiling, oh … three months ago. I know, because my OCD has been flaring up something awful (“Did I blow out that candle before I left the apartment? I know I did. But did I? I did. But really? I better go check … AGAIN.”)

I’ve hit my ceiling a couple of times, over the past several years. The good news? Your ceiling is pliable: it will eventually rise to accommodate your ever-increasing awesomery, but it takes a little time, space … and grace.

5 ways to (not) crumble into a million pieces when you hit your creative ceiling.

1. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Deep, resonant, opera singer breaths. It will immediately lower your cortisol — the stress hormone that makes you feel like a frantic bunny in a box. (Dr. Sara told me so.)

2. Up the ante on physicality & self-care. I’ve started doing a slow-flow yin yoga practice every morning — BEFORE checking my email, or diving into work-mode. (The free classes from YogaDownload.com are sensational.)

3. Consult mystics. Often. This year, I’ve turned to Theresa for Tarot logic, on the regular. Bri has been lighting full moon candles for me, all year long. Amy has soothed my spirit, on more than one occasion. (Always good to have angels on your side.)

4. Brainwash yourself, to get through it. When I’m feeling ooooverwhelmed, I like to repeat the following mantra: “I am an OLYMPIC ATHLETE of the mind! I GOT THIS!” Never fails.

5. Take baby steps to build capacity. To prepare for my first solo, all-by-myself weekend writing workshop (one week from tomorrow!) I’ve been honing my chops (and refining my material) by teaching smaller classes, all year long. Self-trust & confidence is earned over time — like dropping gold coins in a bank vault.

You are infinite, limitless, BIG-OH-MAN-SO-BIG!
Hang it there, kiddo. Your ceiling will stretch & re-settle, right where it belongs.

P.S. Have you ever felt the sttttrain of smashing into your creative ceiling? How did you get over / under / through it?