Tiny is big.

Last year, while I was going through some intense health struggles (broken leg, surgery, crutches, yada yada) I found a necklace that a friend had given to me several months earlier.

I had tossed the necklace into my jewelry box and I’d mostly forgotten about it. But that day, I noticed it.

It’s a simple metal chain with a tiny barbell charm on it—like a barbell weight that you would lift at the gym.

I put on the necklace. I looked in the mirror. I felt pretty badass. I went to physical therapy later that day and felt hopeful for the first time in weeks. That necklace became my little good luck charm, reminding me that I’m stronger than I think, and that I can get through whatever life hurls my way.

The necklace isn’t big, flashy, or expensive. The charm is literally the size of a pencil eraser. All things considered, it was a fairly “tiny” gift. But that little token meant so much to me. Every time I snapped on that necklace, I felt uplifted, and it helped me to get through one of the most challenging chapters of my life.

We live in a world that glorifies “big” achievements. We celebrate the top-sellers, the record-breakers, and whoever has the biggest pool of blood, sweat and tears. Do I feel inspired when I witness a big achievement? Totally! I absolutely do. I love watching the Olympics, the Oscars, and the Tony Awards just as much as anybody else.

But let’s not forget that “tiny” expressions of creativity, love, and generosity can have a life-altering type of impact, too.

A 500-page book can transform someone’s day, but so can a sincere compliment scribbled onto the back of a receipt. A multi-part video experience can motivate someone to overcome a personal challenge, but so can a phone call from you at just the right moment.

It’s not the “size” of your gift, gesture, or project that makes it powerful.

It’s the love you pour into it.