9 sexy & adorable ways to give your partner some love.

Let’s keep it quick.

Because you’ve got champagne to quaff and people to kiss…

1. Use the Date Duration Calculator to figure out EXACTLY how many days you and your sweetheart get to spend together, if you both live to be 100.

2. Bury a time capsule filled with letters about how you both feel, right now. Include a few “secret” letters that you don’t get to read … until you dig it up, in a year.

3. Use 8Tracks.com to build an online mixtape. Or go old-school and burn a CD. You can start with the 100 best love songs of all time. Though I always say, you can never go wrong with a little country

4. Take turns reading the very first texts and emails you ever exchanged, waaay back in the day. Out loud. Switch roles, for extra amusement.

5. Instead of buying flowers for each other, pool your cash and send big bouquets to all of your parents. On the cards? “Thank you for creating and raising the person I love. You did such a GREAT job.”

6. Five words: heart shaped eggs and toast.

7. Go to a bustling restaurant. Don’t try to get a table. Instead, secretly pay for the meal of … the most elderly couple in the room. Then go home and have a picnic on the floor.

8. Re-enact scenes from the most romantic movie of ALL time. (“It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over!”)

9. Oh, go on … and just send a ridiculously sexy text, already.

Here’s to love. Every day.