You are a grown up. Do what you want.

My fingers hover above the SIGN UP button.

Wanting to click. Not clicking. Still wanting. Not clicking.

Inside my mind, a whirling tornado of thoughts:

I really want to take that fitness class in half an hour. But I already went to the gym earlier today! Will they think I’m a weirdo for coming back twice in one day? But I really want to go. It will feel so good and my favorite instructor is teaching. But what will people think? Maybe I ought to use this time to do something else. Blah blah bloop etc.

And so on.

The mental-whirling continues for one, two, five minutes. Maybe longer.

Time’s running out. Am I lacing up my sneakers or not? What the heck is stopping me?

Then, like a sunburst of clarity, clouds parting, angels rejoicing in harmony, I remember:

Wait a minute… I am a grown up. I can do what I want.

I sign up. I dash out. I take the class. It’s amazing, challenging, intensely rewarding. Just like I knew it would be.

Do I regret going? No I do not.

Do I feel silly for wasting five precious life-minutes wavering, stammering and hovering over the SIGN UP button for no reason? Yep, I do.

The next time I catch myself — or somebody else — painfully wrestling with a decision that really doesn’t need to be wrestled with, I will gently shake them out of their stupor and offer this reminder:

Hey. You there. Yeah, you.

You are allowed to eat kale for breakfast and peanut butter for dinner.

You are allowed to do yoga for eight hours a day if you want to.

You are allowed to do things that “most people” don’t do.

You are allowed to do whatever delights you.

You are allowed to reach for the stars.

You are allowed to sit this one out.

This is your life.

You want something?

Go get it.

You love something?

Then have it.

Obviously, naturally, duh, of course, try not to hurt yourself or anybody else as you make your choices. (You know this already. Because you are kind and smart.)

You are a grown up.

Do what you want.