Flip it around.

I have a friend named Theresa.

She’s a Tarot card reader, astrologer, and author, and she’s been successfully self-employed for nearly 30 years. She’s had her fair share of victories (press coverage, bestselling projects) and rough times, too.

Once upon a time, Theresa received a really nasty 1-star review about one of her books.

At first, she was hurt and upset. It rattled her confidence. After all, it’s never fun to see someone declare that your book is “a total waste of money” and “not worth reading.” Not exactly a mood-booster.

But she decided, “I’m not going to let this review bring me down. I’m going to flip it around. I will turn this negative energy into pure positivity.”

She immediately went to Amazon and posted a glowing 5-star review about a book that someone else wrote.

Immediately, she felt better. Her mood lifted. She felt powerful instead of wounded. And, she decided to make this a regular practice.

Whenever something discouraging happens in Theresa’s life or career—a bad review, a disappointing financial quarter, or anything else—she finds a way to “flip it around.” She does something to send the opposite energy out into the world.

I’m so inspired by Theresa’s attitude and I’ve tried to follow in her footsteps.

For instance, if I’m feeling anxious about money, instead of hoarding my resources, I do the exact opposite. I start a scholarship program. I help a colleague find a new client and get hired. I teach a free class. I make a donation to a good cause, which usually reminds me how fortunate I already am. I do something generous to flip the energy around—and I immediately feel better.

Whatever is going on, there’s always a way to flip it around.

Take a cue from Theresa.

Whatever feels stuck, discouraging, or hurtful in your life or career…

Flip it around.