Tired of waiting? Great. Start creating.

A few moments ago, I finished up a writing project for one of my clients — some saucy language to announce the pilot episode of her brand new TV show, which is bursting into the world in, like, minutes.

My clients launch things all the time — shows, books, digital programs, product lines. That’s not particularly unusual.

What’s unusual — and extraordinary — about this particular woman’s story is that she waited seven years before she finally said:

“I’m done wishing and hoping and praying for a TV network to sweep me away like a Disney prince and make my dreams come true. No more waiting. Let’s start creating.”

So she hired a video production team, collaborated with me to outline the first season and write the promo script and sponsor pitches, got herself gussied up with hair and makeup, pushed through her resistance and pulled it OFF.

No more waiting. Just start creating.

It’s so simple. So true. So necessary to hear.

You don’t have to wait for a publisher to offer you a deal. Just write your damn book and get it out there.

You don’t have to wait until you’ve got Hollywood celebs on speed-dial. Just finish your screenplay, fly down to LA and start working every angle you’ve got.

You don’t have to wait until you’ve got an avalanche of readers and fans. Just start sharing your ideas. Change one person’s life, today. And maybe three people’s lives, tomorrow.

You don’t have to wait for true love to arrive. You can do that epic road-trip, that trip to Paris, that volunteer adventure in Cambodia … NOW.

You really, truly do NOT have to wait.

Every breath is a new chance to create.

You don’t need permission, approval, connections or a magical genie to open the door.

Just start. And then finish.

What are YOU waiting for?

I’ve wanted to publish a work of fiction for almost ten years, and guess what? I’m done waiting around for “someone” to give me a “thumbs up.” I finally sat down and wrote my debut erotic novel in three weeks, flat.

The story is DONE — just running through a quick round of proofreading — and OOH! Here is a sneak peek.

Very, very soon … I’m self-publishing this baby. No parking, no waiting. Just delicious creating.