Your life is a hot date. Show up.

When you fall in love with someone, the architecture of your life is re-arranged.

There’s a particular kind of fervor that sets in.

Old priorities? Burned away. Nothing matters except… what matters. New world order. Instantly.

That’s how I felt when I met Brandon — especially during our very first couple of dates.

Sandwiches in the park. Cupcakes and coffee downtown. Prowling through the book stacks at Powell’s. Making out in the car. And other… activities.

It didn’t matter WHAT I was doing that day — drowning in a maelstrom of work, crunching to hit deadlines, juggling family commitments, packing moving boxes, exhausted, sleep deprived, coming down with a cold — if Brandon and I had a hot date on the calendar?

I would move heaven and earth and infinite galaxies to show up for that date. On time. Looking mighty fine.

No resistance. No excuses. No complaints. Nothing could stop me from being with him.

Imagine how monumentally successful all of us could become if we approached all of our commitments with “hot date ferocity.”

6am sunrise yoga class? HOT DATE. Get it.

Working on your novel, blog or business plan? SO HOT. Jump on it.

Trying to “find the time” for the projects that really matter? HOT DATE FEROCITY. That time just got FOUND.

My friend Susan calls this “shoe sale energy.” My friend Melissa calls it “obsession.” My friend Nicole calls it “being 100% responsible for yourself and your life.”

Whatever you want to call it, there’s no doubt about it:

Your life is a hot date. Show up.