10 reasons to quit social media.

10 reasons to quit social media—or, at the very least, take a temporary break, step away for a bit, and rinse out your brain.

1. Because, instead of spending 144 minutes per day* posting and scrolling on social media, you could use that time to build skills and gain mastery of your craft, take a course, write a novel, record an album of music, hike through national parks, cross something off your bucket list, meditate, practice yoga, nap, or anything else that you yearn to do.

*This is the average amount of time for the majority of Americans these days. Whoa.

2. Because sometimes, it’s really wonderful to watch a sunset, enjoy a meal, savor a glass of wine, or celebrate a victory without needing to document the moment or share it publicly.

3. Because, instead of looking down at your phone, you could look up at the night sky, look at your child as they grow, look at a tree, rock, wave, or look at the world with a new perspective.

4. Because every time you post something on social media, you own the content. But the social media platform now has certain rights over your content too—and they’re entitled to store it, copy it, share it, and use it via their “non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license,” along with the ability to use your username, profile photo, and certain types of personal information. And maybe that doesn’t feel good to you.

5. Because it feels liberating to delete accounts and free up space in your head. Less noise. Less clutter. Less incoming information. More room to breathe, think deeply, and do your best work.

6. Because it’s nice to have privacy. Maybe you don’t want your ex to know which type of bagel you had for breakfast or who you’re dating now.

7. Because it feels good to reconnect with people in a different, deeper way: sending a letter, calling for a long chat, taking a stroll together, exchanging gifts.

8. Because, despite what many seem to think, you can have close relationships, stay informed about world events, build a strong community and professional network, and run a successful business without social media. (I do. I’m not the only one. This is doable.)

9. Because you want to be a role model for your kids and other people in your life. You see other folks glued to their phones and it troubles you. You want to demonstrate, “We don’t have to live this way.” You want to lead by example.

10. Because this is your one and only life. And maybe you don’t want to spend 5.91 years* of your life scrolling on social media. Maybe there’s something else you’d prefer to do with all that time instead.

*If you use social media an “average” amount from age 30 to 90, it all adds up to nearly 6 years of your total lifespan.

Social media is not “good” or “bad.” It’s simply a tool. It all depends on how you use it.

It can be helpful, harmful, or a mixture of both. There are plenty of good reasons to use social media. There are plenty of good reasons not to use it, too.

You get to decide what feels right for you and what makes sense for your profession, career, or company.

If you want to quit (or cut back), you absolutely can.

And it might be one of the best decisions you ever make.