30 mini-love notes for Valentine’s Day… or any day.

Here are 30 one-sentence love notes.

Silly, sweet, mini-sized love letters — because love is the best.

Why not send one to someone you love on Valentine’s Day… or any day, for that matter?

— If you were a blog, I’d bookmark you so hard.

— If you were a cookie, I’d totally not share.

— If you were a book, I’d read you cover-to-cover. And write the BEST Amazon review.

— If you were a celebrity and I was a teenager, I’d totally have a creepy shrine about you in my bedroom.

— Thank you for being my sanctuary.

— Thank you for granting me unlimited squeezing and kissing privileges.

— Thank you for making my life feel like a never-ending slumber party.

— Thank you for existing. It makes my day. Every day.

— Thank you for seeing the best in me, and sharing the best in you.

— Thank you for being so easy to love.

— Thank you for existing. It makes my day. Every day.

— Thank you for helping me practice being in love. (I’m getting really good at it.)

— Thank you for helping me to grow, evolve, and become the best version of myself.

— I don’t know where love comes from — but I’m pretty sure you had something to do with it.

— I don’t know how you stay so damn cute — but please, carry on.

— I don’t know if it’s possible to bottle your hotness and sell it — but if so, we’re gonna be rich!

— I don’t know if there’s a Guinness World Record for snuggling, but I say we go for it.

— You’re so wise, I bet the Dalai Lama has you on speed-dial.

— You’re so kind, you make Mother Teresa look like a total brat.

— You’re so smart, you single-handedly spike the collective IQ level of the planet.

— You’re so pretty, it makes me nervous.

— If you ever leave me, I will survive. But only after throwing the world’s biggest tantrum. And listening to every Smiths album, ever.

— I love every moment, every micro-moment, and every micro-milli-moment with you.

— I love you more than Oprah loves her Favorite Things.

— I love you more than RuPaul loves sequins.

— I love you more than Dolly Parton loves peroxide. And biscuits.

— I love you more than hot cocoa on Christmas morning.

— I love your face. More than Facebook.

— I love your lips. Especially when they’re so close, I can’t see them.

— I love the way you move through the world.

— I love the way you make me feel.

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