What’s their name?

What’s their name?

The friend who’s always there for you—to celebrate with you, to grieve with you, or simply to sit in silence and be with you.

The colleague who always brightens your week with hilarious emails—the one who makes each workday just a little bit better.

The teacher who saw your potential—the one who believed in you, who pushed you and didn’t let you slack off, burrow under the covers, and hide.

The artist, musician, podcaster, senator, activist, or community leader who has touched your life—the one whose work revived your faith in humanity, whose work helped you to survive.

Have you said “thank you” to that person, recently?

Today would be a great day to do that.

Here’s a quick script to get you started:

Hi ________,

This last year has been stressful and discouraging, at times, because ________. But this year has also been wonderful because of people like you.

Thank you for reminding me that ________. You’ve helped me to see that ________ is possible. You add so much to my life by ________.

I’ve been meaning to send this note for awhile, and I hope these words reach you at just the right moment. For everything you do…

Thank you.

Do it today. Write the email. Send the text. Pick up the phone. Record a twenty-second audio note or video message. Or mail a hand-written note. Send your appreciation.

Please don’t wait until tomorrow. (Tomorrow is never guaranteed.)

Please don’t assume they already know how you feel. (They may not.)

Please don’t assume they’re already drowning in cards, gifts, voicemails, and fan mail, and they don’t need any more love in their mailbox. (This may not be the case. You might be the only one.)

I will never forget meeting a high school teacher who was exhausted, burnt out, and on the verge of quitting his job… until one person pulled him aside to say, “Thank you for everything you do. You’re a hero to me.” That moment changed everything. He decided to keep teaching. All because one person bothered to say, “Thanks.”

A handful of words can make such a difference in someone’s life. So, whatever you want to say, please say it now.

“Right now” is always the right moment to send love into someone’s life.