Poem: Origami stars.

I want to take us

Take the whole sky of us

a constellation of ink blots and interwoven plots

my life and yours, our world-container

kisses and choices and half-made decisions

I want to take that sky

and shatter it wild

like confetti or salt shakes or flakes of true gold

not to destroy it

but to reshape it

the way they compress soot and coal into diamonds

the way they fold paper into origami stars

two stars

one for me, one for you

a pair of folded sky-stories

small enough to tuck in a locket

or that pocket of my heart that was always for you

and the corner of yours that was always for me

two stars

light enough to carry everywherever

small enough to hold onto forever

without feeling the heft and the mass

of the hovering sky that we were

that’s how I want us

that’s how I’ll keep us

nothing to forgive or get over

nothing to explain or uncover

just one star for me

another for you

and un-together we travel

to not-have and to hold

just let me do this

just let this fold.