21 mantras for people who are afraid of “missing out.”


Fear Of Missing Out.

It’s a serious cultural crisis. FOMO shows up in the way we eat (with cellphones blinking by our plates), the way we sleep (with laptops nestled right by our pillows), the way we work (with inboxes and Twitter feeds open at all times), and the way we play (with one eye perpetually scanning the room for something or someone… better.)

Where does FOMO come from?

I feel it’s rooted in the belief that this moment, right now, with what we’ve currently got… just isn’t good enough. FOMO creeps in when we decide that “this” isn’t enough and there must be something happening that is better, more fun, or more important… somewhere else.

It’s easy to see why this line of thinking really sucks.

Here’s a collection of mantras to help alleviate the fear of missing out… the fear of needing to do more than you already do… and the fear of not being amazing enough just as you are.

The next time you’re feeling the dreaded FOMO creeping into your body and mind, try repeating one of these phrases to yourself. Or, if one of them calls out to you very strongly, write it down and keep it inside your wallet or on your bulletin board as a little reminder from yourself, to yourself. Enjoy…

1. I am here now. I’ll be there later.

2. I’ve done enough for today.

3. I’ve done (more than) enough for today.

4. I’ve chosen to be here now — and I made a really good choice.

5. I could unplug from my computer for 100 years and not miss a single thing.

6. I am very busy at staying un-busy.

7. I am allowed to take it easy.

8. Mister Rogers would be proud of me today.

9. The biggest gift I can give to myself — and the world — is my well-rested body and mind.

10. It is impossible for me to “miss out.” There are more than enough miracles to go ’round.

11. Nobody benefits from my exhaustion. Everyone benefits from my happiness.

12. The Internet is my friend and my tool — not my home.

13. My calendar is beautifully full, but not too full. My job is to keep it that way.

14. Being quiet and still is the kindest thing I can do.

15. When I rest, unplug and play, I give other people permission to do the same. That’s a great thing.

16. When I let emails sit in my inbox — instead of answering them instantly — I am teaching patience to others.

17. When I move at a slower, easier pace, I am modeling compassion for others.

18. When there’s less on my plate, my true brilliance has space to emerge.

19. Every time I say NO, somebody else gets to say YES.

20. Every time I say NO, my life gets lighter and brighter.

21. Right here is exactly where I want to be.