5 questions to ask yourself on New Year’s Day… or any day.

I posted these questions about one year ago — but I still like them a lot.

Here we go again…

5 questions to ask yourself on New Year’s Day… or any day, actually.

1. What am I bored of?

2. What do I want more of?

3. What can I let go of?

4. What would give me peace of mind?

5. What am I devoted to?

My personal answers (for 2015):

1. I am bored of… habitually checking my email first thing in the morning, every morning. Email is cool and all, but I am ready for a more invigorating morning routine.

2. I want more… forest hikes in my life. Wet, muddy, green, fragrant. Trickling water and deep woods. All of that.

3. I can let go of… social media. I just officially deactivated my last three remaining accounts. They’d been dormant and unused for a while and it felt good to officially click “goodbye.”

4. Sending out 100 postcards that I intended to send out earlier this year… would give me peace of mind. I hate unfinished business and loose ends. Need to get on it.

5. I am devoted to… letting my inner Entrepreneur take a back seat for awhile and letting my inner Artist come out and play a bit more. Freeing myself to make cool, beautiful things, regardless of whether they generate money or not. Just creating. Because it feels good.

How about you? Journal privately. Or discuss among friends. I hope these questions spark some interesting realizations for you.

New Year’s Day always feels like a beautiful fresh start, which I love, though, of course… it’s just another day on the calendar, really. You can reinvent yourself any day, any hour, anytime you want. Everything changes now if you say so.