5 questions for a bright, clear and focused new year.

The entire world seems to grow quiet and still around this time of year.

My inbox is nearly empty. No one is texting or calling. Nothing is marked “urgent.”

Today, I spent an hour styling my mom’s hair. Just because… I had time. What a gift.

I hope that your life is feeling delightfully slow, like mine. Before we burst into the new year — with all of its excitement, promise, and frenzied busyness — here are a few questions to help you get focused & clear:

1. What am I bored of?

2. What do I want more of?

3. What can I let go of?

4. What would give me peace of mind?

5. What am I devoted to?

My personal answers:

1. I am bored of… compulsively checking my email multiple times a day, when once is enough.

2. I want more… spontaneity in my life.

3. I can let go of… feeling like I need to “help” and “inspire” everyone on the planet.

4. Being more punctual… would give me peace of mind.

5. I devoted to… modeling the kind of communication & behavior that I want to see in the world (clarity, kindness, patience) as often as I possibly can. And also: releasing a new romance novel. Because love rules.

Some of the answers I just typed… surprised me.

There were other answers that I wanted to type, but felt embarrassed to admit in public. That surprised me, too.

How about you?