Everything is marketing.

Over the years, hundreds of smart, passionate people have said to me:

“I love everything about my work! Except marketing.”

I used to feel that way, too.

But my whole attitude about marketing shifted when I stopped thinking about it as “separate” from the rest of my work.

It’s not.

Everything is marketing.

Writing a blog post … is marketing.

Sending out an email to friends and family … is marketing.

Blowing a client’s mind, so they can’t stop talking about you … is marketing.

Being visibly enthusiastic about your work … is marketing.

Making someone’s day … is marketing.

Leading by example … is marketing.

Being YOU … is marketing.

Like I said …

Everything is marketing.

So if you’ve already decided that you “hate” marketing, you’re pretty much saying, “I hate everything.”

Which is ridiculous. You don’t.

In fact, you love your work SO much, that right now?

You’re going to send an email to somebody (or thousands of somebody’s) who could use a little miracle today, and say:

“Hey. I know that you’re struggling with _________, so I made this for you. I think it will help. Enjoy to the fullest. There’s more where that came from. You know where to find me.”

Look at you.

You’re marketing.