Don’t “write blog posts” or “launch products.” Create little miracles.

Want to make helpful things that people actually want to read, watch, use, buy and share?

But … not sure what your people actually need?

It’s simple.

Ask them:

What would feel like a miracle right now?

That’s it.

Ask that question.

And listen closely.

Maybe your people will say …

For me? A miracle would be …

: Completing a half-marathon.
: Falling back in love with my partner.
: Finishing the book I’ve been sitting on for five years.
: Fitting into my clothes and feeling at home in my own skin.
: Having a chance to unplug and get out of town for a few days.
: Knowing how to throw the ultimate dinner party, like, tonight!
: Knowing how to say to my boss, “I’m not doing that.”
: Knowing how to get my teenager to cooperate.
: Really believing that I can do ____________.


Go be a miracle worker.

“Great! Here’s a toolkit that will help you to do EXACTLY that…”

“I hear ya. Here’s an inside peek at how I accomplished that, step by step…”

“Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you’re dealing with ____________. Here’s something that will help…”

Serve up the exact flavor of “miracle” that your people are praying for.

Not the miracle you wish they were praying for.

The miracle they’re actually praying for.

Create little miracles. Or big ones. Daily.

Do that, and you’ll never have to “convince” people that your “stuff” is high-quality, insightful and stupendously valuable.

They’ll already know.

What’s the miracle that your people are praying for?