Nobody knows what’s going to work for you.

Uncomfortable, but true:

Nobody knows what’s going to work for you.
Emphasis on YOU.

What’s going to make you happy, successful, wealthy & free.
What’s going to rick your roll, rock your socks, flip your system & change your life.

Nobody. Not your $500 an hour business adviser. Not your mastermind groupies. Not your college career counselor. Not your therapist. Not your best friend. Not your trainer. Not your psychic. Not your mom. Not your dog. Not the ghost of your wise & dearly-departed great auntie. And certainly not me.

Nobody can tell you — with absolute, iron-clad, you-can-bank-on-it certainty — how to make your video go viral, how to guarantee that your campaign is a starry-eyed success, how to get your book on the bestseller list . . . how to win what you desperately want.

Nobody can predict all the variables. The pull of the tide. The flux of the market. The mysterious loops of your brain chemistry. The variability of your own vigor & commitment.

Nobody knows how to make you more prolific, more productive, more focused, more rarified, more more-ified, more YOU-ified.

Nobody knows what’s going to work for you. Not really. Not completely. Not for all the king’s gold, the moon & the stars, or an ocean of pearls. Nobody. Nope.

All anybody can do is tell you what worked (for them), what’s proven (for others) and likely (for some).

All anybody can do is hold you closer to your best ideas, and say, “If I were you, I’d do it. Like this.”

All anybody can do is ask the inevitable questions that you need to answer.

All anybody can do is bear witness as you crack the riddle, coax out your brilliance, finesse all the pieces, and frolic into the success that you’ve earned.

Nobody knows what’s going to work for you.

But we’re all cheering, aching, bated-breath waiting . . . for you to Figure It Out.

And when you do — go ahead: tell us what’s worked.
For YOU.

Gratitude to Hiro Boga for inspiring this post by reminding me, last week, that nobody knows.
I’d forgotten.