Good Question: How do I get through resistance and take action?

Dear Alex,

What is your favorite strategy for days when it’s just so hard to start… It.

“It” being the one thing you really, really want to accomplish, but can’t seem to start, work on, or finish?


Dear Natanya,

A very smart woman recently told me about a little “experiment” that she conducted, a few years ago.

This woman wanted to meet someone amazing and fall in love, but whenever she thought about flirting, dating or (heaven forbid!) putting together an online profile, she felt so much resistance.

After waffling for a while, she had an idea that intrigued her. An idea that felt just a little bit… wild.

“What if I go on 52 dates in 52 weeks?” she wondered.

No expectations. No pressure. No drama. Just 1 coffee date, once a week, with someone new… for one year.

“It will be an experiment!” she decided. “Best case scenario? I meet the love of my life. Worst case scenario? I have 52 interesting little adventures. What have I got to lose?”

She made the commitment, told a few friends about her plan, and then… began.

Once she set the intention — and started taking action — the experiment quickly took on a momentum of its own.

While she wasn’t “counting on it,” she did, in fact, meet her future husband. (He was date #5. She never made it to 52).

The moral of the story?

The best way to get through resistance is to give the situation a whole new description, title, label… or name.

A “name” that represents the essence of the experience.

The way you want the experience to feel.

You’re not dating. You’re in the midst of an amazing 52-week experiment.

You’re not marketing. You’re connecting with people who need you.

You’re not blogging. You’re creating little miracles for people.

You’re not paying taxes. You’re writing a big “THANK YOU” letter to the government — along with a nice, big check — to show your gratitude for the roads, the schools, the libraries, the parks, the infrastructure & amenities that you adore and enjoy, every day.

Whatever you’re resisting, Natanya?

Re-frame & re-name it.

“Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.”
―Tom Stoppard

Your words can, as Tom says, “nudge the world a little.”

Or even provide a much-needed nudge… for yourself.

What’s one thing you’ve been resisting — writing, exercising, dating, marketing, saving money — that needs a new name?

How will you describe it, from this moment forward?