35 things you can do instead of starting a blog.

So. You want to start a blog.

(Or take your current blog to the “next level.”)

But, let me ask you:

Do you… really?

Does blogging make you happy?

Does it feel natural? Energizing?

Or is it a perpetual drag? An energy leak that ruins your week?

When you’re blogging, do you feel like the best version of yourself?

When you’re blogging, do you feel like you’re creating little miracles for the people you wish to serve?

Or is blogging just… something you think you “should” do?

Here’s some good news:

If blogging just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to carry your stories, ideas, helpful insights and hilarious observations out into the world. Plenty of other ways to create a positive dent in the universe, build a name for yourself, attract clients, or whatever else it is that you’re hoping your blog will do.

If you want to blog, blog.

If you don’t want to blog, stop.

And instead, why not…

: Create a library — a curated selection of your finest work. (Think: 10 – 12 timeless pieces.)

: Build a collection of amazingly useful resources (like this one. or this one.)

: Host an online TV show (like this one) … and then get it “syndicated” on a website that already has thousands of readers and viewers (like this one).

: Publish one short poem, just once a week.

: Design a game.

: Compose and post one song a day.

: Create a customer appreciation survey to find out what your people want most. (Then… give them exactly that.)

: Create a podcast.

: Post (or email) short voice notes, instead of written words.

: Create a collection of inspirational desktop wallpaper.

: Write very short stories on Twitter.

: Write a column for your local newspaper.

: Create a collection of digital travel guides.

: Send a “thank you” postcard to the last fifty people who hired you, taught you something, or did you a favor.

: Create a collection of audio meditations.

: Create a series of helpful classes.

: Create a monthly or quarterly online magazine (like this one).

: Or, publish an old-school ‘zine (like she did).

: Host a monthly salon or dinner party for your ten top clients.

: Publish other people’s secrets. (With their permission, of course.)

: Send out inspirational text messages to the masses.

: Design happy e-cards that people can send out to friends.

: Start an advice column (like she did).

: Make a webcomic. (Then sell prints of your most popular sketches.)

: Create a series of fun quizzes.

: Make a cookbook or collection of recipes.

: Make and share your own music playlists.

: Send out uplifting notes via email newsletter, only (like this guy).

: Start a gift of the month subscription service.

: Just post jokes.

: Just post illustrated workouts.

: Just post ideas on how to be a nice person.

: Just write love letters.

: Just write your damn book already.

Or, you know…

: Just have sex.

Happy blogging! Or not.