Good Question: I want to write a book and I need help. Who can help me?

Dear Alex,

I am trying to write a book but I’m feeling stuck. Do you know any good writing coaches… or anyone who might be able to help?


Dear K.,

When people say to me:

“I want to write a book!”

What they usually mean is…

“I want to inspire people.”

Or: “I want to educate people.”

Or: “I want to entertain people.”

Or: “I want to move people, and make them feel things.”

Or some combination of those effects.

There are so many ways to inspire, educate, entertain and move people.

Writing a book is certainly one way.

Hiring a professional (like a ghostwriter or biographer) to channel the book for you is another way.

But books aren’t the only way to inspire, educate, entertain and move people.

You could also produce a podcast. Start a webTV show. Or a blog. Or not a blog. Or maybe just host a dinner party and tell rollicking stories around the table, while breaking open a nice, crusty baguette and sipping a crisp Rosé.

If you’re feeling stuck with your book, I’d recommend that you ask yourself — really honestly — if a book is truly what you feel called to create.

Maybe there’s another “container” for your ideas that would be easier to produce, or more suited to your personality and communication style. A different kind of “contribution” that you could offer to the world.

Stop. Check your Hut (heart and gut). And see.

And if you discover that — YES! — it’s a book, it’s definitely a book, it absolutely has got to be a book…

Then I do have a few suggestions to help you find the support that you need.

Here we go…

If you can’t get motivated to write because life is so “busy”…

Read this (it will make you cry):

If you want to tell raw, vulnerable, true stories that grip the heart…

Work & study with Laurie Wagner from 27 Powers. She’ll help you mine your gold:

If you want an inky fairy godmother to walk you through the ins & outs of writing a bestselling book …

Linda Sivertsen, aka the Book Mama, can help:

If you want to join a writing circle that’s encouraging, not critical and nitpicky…

Dave Ursillo’s online community, The Literati Writers, is a great choice. Learn more at:

If you want to pick a veteran literary agent’s brain & find out how to make your book more appealing to publishers…

My literary agent, Kristina Holmes, offers brain pickin’ dates and consulting for authors. She particularly loves spiritual, emotional stories that speak to the heart:

If you need to write a book proposal & have no clue where to begin…

This program can help: [I was on the team that helped to produce this program… and later, I used it to craft my own book proposal!]

If you’re writing a memoir or coffee table book, and you want somebody to edit, design and print it for you…

This company is terrific:

If you need someone to proofread your book & clean up all those typos…

Woz Flint is an eagle-eyed superstar (I’ve used her several times… with great delight!):

If you want to self-publish your book & sell it online…

That’s a fine choice! Here’s a smart guide:

If you dream about writing a children’s or picture book…

Simone Kaplan is an absolute delight (with 20 years of experience in the industry):

If you need someone to illustrate your book or design your book cover…

Rebecca Pollock is a queen! She did my very first print book, and created templates for most of my digital books, too:

Shauna from We Are Branch does phenomenal web & print design, including gorgeous books and magazines:

If you want simple advice on how to get your blog & social media fans OH SO EXCITED!!! about your new book:

Talk to Sarah Von Bargen:

If you need a therapist because you keep sabotaging your efforts to write & finish your book:

Please hire Dr. Gelb:

If you want to stop making excuses & write your damn book, already…

Paul Jarvis created a free email course to help you do exactly that:

If you feel compelled to bring a book into the world… please do it.

Even if it’s only for your sweetheart to read… or your amazing niece… or your best friend in the world… or a handful of blog readers & clients who are cheering for you.

There’s nothing worse than moving through your life with potential, unfulfilled… projects, unfinished… books, unwritten.

Don’t be that person. Give it. Finish it. Make the contribution.

It is the BEST feeling. Trust me.

“Don’t go to your grave with your best work inside you. Choose to die empty.”
Todd Henry