The kitchen is waiting.

I envy my boyfriend, Brandon — who works as a professional chef — because every single day he wakes up and makes delicious, tasty things that make people happy.

He cooks. They smile. Such a direct line of pleasure. So simple.

I wonder, sometimes, if he would be equally happy as a “cooking teacher” or running a “cooking blog” or being the CEO of a food-related company.

My guess is that he’d be marvelously successful in any of those roles, and I’m sure he’d be quite content for a while.


Sooner or later, I have a feeling he’d be itching, twitching, yearning to get back into the kitchen. Back to the place where he can actually make something with his hands.

I am wired the same way.

I love writing about how to become a better writer.

I love teaching workshops to help people become better writers.

I love helping people to get un-blocked and create beautiful things.

I love ghostwriting and helping my clients to move their projects & missions forward, too.

But lately, I’ve been feeling… itchy.

That “I need to get back in the kitchen” itch.

The urge to create something real and tangible that is… mine.

Not writing about writing. Just writing.

Not discussing how to be more creative. Just creating.

Not motivating other people to achieve wonderful goals. Just meeting my own goals.

Do you feel it, too?

That irritating prickle that’s becoming tough to ignore?

What is the itch that you need to scratch?

What are you aching to make with your own fingers, your mind, your muscle and heart, your bare hands?

Make the time to bring it to life.

Nothing will feel right until you do.

The kitchen is waiting.

You can make anything you want.

Don’t worry about anyone else for a moment.

What’s going to satisfy… you?