Keep marching.

When Master Phil speaks, you listen.

Barely taking a breath. But taking in every word.

As a world-renowned martial arts educator, he radiates a level of devotion and mastery that most people only dream about.

His first book — Black Belt Excellence — debuted as a #1 bestseller in the US and Canada.

His anti-bullying work has earned a national commendation from the Queen of England.

The mayor of his hometown named him Citizen of the Year.

And despite his infinite humbleness, it’s hard not to feel “small” in his presence.

“Why can’t I commit to a path, like that?”

“When will I be honored by a royal monarch?”

“When will I be a #1 author / teacher / fill-in-the-blank-er?”

And just when that wave of self-doubt comes crashing down, saturating the room, Master Phil seals up his story with a gentle reminder. One last power-move.

“I’ve been practicing martial arts for thirty years, but I never set out to be a master,” he says.

“I fell in love with Bruce Lee at age fifteen. Three decades later, here I am.”

“I’m not superhuman. I’m just the kid who kept marching.”

. . .

You might be seeking your “black belt” in writing or painting or parenting.

You might be planning a skyscraper — or designing your very first room.

No matter what you’re building or where you’re going, just remember one thing:

You don’t have to be superhuman.

You just have to be the kid who keeps marching.