People want to help you.

It’s easy to get jaded. It’s difficult to trust.

But a lot of people — people you know very well, people you barely know at all — want to help you.

Why? People like being helpful. It makes them feel happy and useful.

Your boss wants to help you develop your professional skills.

Your mom wants to help you find true love.

Your BFF wants to help you remember that one time in San Bernadino when you had the Best Burger Of All Time and then saw The Dukes of Hazzard before the Nocturnal Wonderland rave.

Your utility representative wants to help you manage your monthly bills.

Your local S.C.O.R.E. branch wants to help you start a successful small business.

Your pharmacist wants to help you understand your dosage instructions.

Your favorite DJ wants to help you discover new music.

People are constantly trying to help you. And if they’re not, they’d probably be happy to if you just ask.

Let the help… in.