Read this when you can’t remember who you are, what you do, why you do it — or how to talk about it.

New York City. Twenty people. Gathered ’round a table in the basement of a publishing studio. Each one half-worried, half-wobbling, half-wondering:

“Have I chosen the right line of work? Am I a fraud, or a joke? Can I really make a living doing the work that I love? Can it really be that simple? Do I need this website, or that one? This tagline, or that one? This job title, or that one?

Am I helpful to anyone, at all?”

We hold hands. Squeeze palms. Lock eyes. Breathe deep. And together, from the bottom of our lungs, we call out in unison:

“I am not confused!”

And just like that … for a few blissful, beautifully focused and productive hours … we’re not.

Until we need to hold hands and say it again. Which we do. Amidst giggles and smiles. Not confused. Back on track. Lock ‘n load.

“I am not confused” has become my battle-cry of the year. There’s something arresting and magical about those four words — especially when you say them out loud, in front of people you respect.

“I am not confused” became a personal mantra. Then a poem. Then a performance piece. Then a playful writing game.

I want to share it with you. Because it’s simple. Because it works.

And the sooner you remember, the sooner you can get back to your work.


My name is Alexandra.

I’m a writer, speaker, writing teacher, occasional poet and prolific tweeter.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people un-complicate the way they communicate — and write with more simplicity and ease.

(Because being understood is a beautiful thing. And if you’re in business, like me, it’s also a profitable thing.)

That is what I do.

And I am not confused.


My name is ________________.

I’m a ________________, ________________ and ________________.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people …

{choose one}

… be less ________________
… be more ________________
… become amazing at ________________
… become more confident at ________________
… experience ________________
… feel ________________
… have less ________________
… have more ________________
… learn how to ________________
… (un)learn how to ________________
… reframe the way they ________________
… simplify the way they ________________
… start doing ________________
… stop doing ________________
… take action towards ________________
… understand ________________

(Because ________________.)

That is what I do.

And I am not confused.