This is what’s possible.

You tried. Really gave it a shot. Struggled and strived. But you’re convinced, now: it’s not possible.

This whole designing your ideal life and business thing. This whole making art and filling your bank account thing. This whole joy and success and hot sex and abundance and inspiration and waking up THRILLED to create, serve and thrive thing.

Possible for her. For him. For them. For the special, the privileged, the early-adapters, the “lucky.” Not for you.

AS fucking IF.

Every single day, my clients and comrades show me what’s POSSIBLE. And it pickles my brain, and zaps open my eyes.

THIS is what’s possible. For the ordinary and extraordinary, for the overambitious and undernourished, for valedictorians and drop-outs, for those who chose wisely and those who made disastrous mistakes, for geekettes and tech-phobes, for dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneurs and Renaissance souls, for complicated and simple and hard-working and lazy and COMPLETELY NORMAL and HUMAN people like YOU.

THIS. is IT.

IT IS POSSIBLE … to skip college and run a Washington DC think-tank instead, to say FUCK on your self-realization and spirituality blog, to be ousted from your own damn ‘wellness and lifestyle’ company, and land the #1 spot on MULTIPLE Amazon bestseller lists — before your book even launches. While raising a kid. And remarrying a husband. And lint-rollering dog hair off your jeans. Done, and done!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to immigrate from India to Canada, nestle yourself in a spirit-lifting home with an ocean view like triple-distilled heaven, and spend your afternoons admiring sun-bathing sea lions on the shore. To make your living as a professional energy worker — aligning chakras over the phone, and unfolding miracles in virtual classrooms. For serious? YES!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to spend half the year traveling the world and the other half in a frugal and fabulous apartment, blogging about your adventures, getting published in glossy magazines and creating calendars and postcards that inspire girls around the world to be courageous and bold. It’s happening!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to spend your days spraying gallons of glitter on Styrofoam stars in a groovy downtown LA warehouse, and spend your nights painting portraits of beautiful women with antlers. She’s doing it!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to spend ten years as a stripper, co-create a profitable real estate empire, dip your toes into yoga instruction,
and then rise into your most epic adventure to date, as a whip-cracking business coach — all from your double-decker duplex in the Midwest. Hot damn!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to be a part-time professor, a lotta-time business coach, a dream-powered muse, a TEDx-talking speaker, and a full-time DyVa. Check out that realness!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to write a novel and trash it. To pour your heart into your first career and chuck it. To buy a house and decide you don’t want it. To find yourself spinning — Jesus take the wheel! — into a career you never imagined could feel so right. Or so profitable. Or so prescient. To write posts like this one, and know that your words will touch ladies and gents from Munich to Melbourne. I’m livin’ it.

Take your ‘impossibles’ and cradle them, gently. Then kiss ’em tenderly — and throw them off a moving train.