No more excuses.

You’ve got a dream.

To write something. Paint something. Teach something. Build something. DO something.

And then you’ve got … excuses.

“I can’t do _________ because I’m so busy with _________.”


“I can’t do _________ because first, I need _________.”

But after reading the next 500-ish words, you will not.

Have any excuses, that is.

Proceed at your own risk.

. . .

Think you need a boatload of money?

Fred Rogers started his legendary children’s program — Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood — on a budget of $30 per episode (about $250, today).

All he wanted to do was create “a daily expression of care.” Nothing would stop him from broadcasting his dream on the air.

Think you need a glamorous website?

Steve Pavlina — one of the most popular personal development bloggers on the planet, with over two million readers each month — has one of the simplest websites you can imagine. No frills. No bells. No whistles.

The quality of his content speaks for itself.

Think you need tons of time?

Maya Stein didn’t have tons of time, so she committed to writing one 10-line poem every Tuesday. And that’s it.

Eight years and many Tuesdays later, she has added over 4,500 lines of poetry to her body of work.

But what about the kids?!

Nora Roberts
is the bestselling author of more than 200 romance novels. She wrote her very first book during a blizzard, while “snowed in with a three and six year old with no kindergarten respite in sight and a dwindling supply of chocolate.”

Think you need a fancy, big-budget production team?

Marie Forleo began her award-winning webTV show with a webcam, a laptop and not-so-hot lighting. No pyrotechnics required.

Think your “thing” is too “weird” or too “fringy”?

Theresa Reed is a tarot card reader and gangsta rap enthusiast who blends Lil’ Wayne lyrics with metaphysical insights.

Whatever flavor of “weird” you’re rocking — there’s an audience.

Think you need to choose ONE path and commit to it, or you’ll never make it?

Melissa Cassera is a publicist / business strategist / actress / aspiring erotic fiction novelist and screenwriter who’s doing quiiite well, thank you very much. Oh, and did I mention her True Blood fan newsletter? That, too.

Think you need to be in “perfect” health (whatever THAT means!) and have limitless energy?

Not long ago, Grace Quantock was struggling with chronic illnesses that often left her “bed-bound and in too much pain to even have [her] hair washed.”

She wanted to start a business and write a book, so she set a sane, humane pace for herself — instead of pushing too hard, too fast.

And today? Her first book has been written and she’s courting publishers. It’s about going from “sick chick” to “wellness trailblazer.” Because she wants to “help others heal and remove obstacles that block their sparkle.” Boom shaka-laka!

Think your “seedy past” is going to bite you in the ass?

Diablo Cody — an Academy Award-winning screenwriter — was a stripper.

Martha Stewart — as we all know and remember — spent 5 months in the slammer.

If you own your story, it will never own you.

Think you need to quit your day job NOW in order to move forward with your dream?

Michelle Ward worked her not-very-fun day job while simultaneously growing her coaching practice on the side.

She knew it was temporary. And she knew it was worth it.

Think you’re “not experienced enough?”

In Japanese, the word “sensei” literally means “one who has gone before,” not “one who knows absolutely everything and never makes any mistakes and has twelve PhDs and stuff.”

A ninja told me so.

Think you’re “just not smart enough?”

Ever been in love? Congratulations. You’re a genius.

Think you need insert-whatever-here?

You might be right. But you’re probably not.

And you probably know it.

So whatever “it” is?

No more excuses.

Just go do it.