Poem: The benefits of isolation.

The theme o’ the week is snapping cords, softening your heart, and fasting from media & technology.

Which means — temporarily — dismantling your current reality.
The way you engage with your people.
The way you show up in the world.

Which reminds me…
You can be alone, and never be lonely.
You can be lonely, and never be alone.

What’s your relationship with isolation?

Is it terrifying? A welcome refuge? Or simply not part of your creative rhythm?

How does sit, in your cells? In your soul?

Whatever you feel — light, dark or spiraling gray — is right & true.

I wrote a poem for you.

the benefits of isolation

the benefits of isolation
are singular and many–
and manifest in manifold
words that are your comfort,
when your solace is the silence
of the space between the ticking
of the hands upon
the clock

when you wear a daily ditch
in the sidewalk that you take
precisely where
you need to go
and not a step beyond

and you know you have arrived
when the homeless man has got a point
and the raving addict is lying true
and the roiling zealot endears himself
to you
and i

and i haven’t spoken to anyone in days
and i haven’t missed the sound of my voice
and i wonder if i should