10 slow and difficult steps to moderate success.

1. Get a piece of paper & a pen. Make a list.

Title it: “List of ways that I can create miracles for other people.”

Or: “List of things I can do to help make other people’s lives better.”

Or: “List of ways that I can leave the world in better condition than I found it.”

Or: “List of problems in the world that make me angry that I want to help correct.”

Or: “Stuff I’m really good at doing / making that other people want & need very much.”

2. Choose something from your list. Decide, “This is my job now.”

3. Start telling everyone you know, “This is my job now.”

4. Start doing your job.

5. At first, no one will care or notice you. Also, you will probably not be very good at it. Keep doing your job anyway.

6. This will continue for several months or years. Slowly, people will begin to notice you. Keep going.

7. At this point, you will realize: “I am pretty good at my job, but there’s a lot of room to do better.” Figure out a way to become better. Do that.

8. Keep doing your job.

9. Keep doing your job.

10. Keep doing your job.