Still trying to “find your voice” as a writer? That’s not how it works.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” –George Bernard Shaw

There seems to be a myth percolating through certain parts of the writing world that everyone is born with a naturally amazing and perfectly-formed “writing voice” …

… but cruel “society” stomps it out of you, with all those darn rules and creativity-crushing expectations!

Alas! You just need to “find” it again!

Um, no.

Your “voice” is something you create — not something you find.

You weren’t born with a naturally amazing and perfectly-formed writing voice, any more than my brother was born with a naturally amazing and perfectly-formed capacity to play the saxophone and compose award-winning jazz pieces.

He created his voice as a musician, through daily practice, for decades. He’s still practicing. Always will be.

As a writer, you need to create your voice, too.

Creating your writing voice doesn’t have to be grueling or unpleasant, of course.

You can refine it by scribbling poems on bar napkins … by sending a sexy text to your sweetheart … by setting a two-minute timer and pouring your heart onto the page … by polishing up your bio … by writing a long overdue “thank you” note to someone you admire … drumming up a new blog post … or by crafting an email, with just a little extra love and care.

Our lives are saturated with words.

Opportunities to practice writing — to create your voice — are everywhere.

Seize the chances and enjoy the process.

And remember:

You can’t “find” something that hasn’t been created yet.