78 things to do on your digital sabbatical.

Do y’all know Grace Quantock?

She’s one of the most extraordinary humans I know.

Grace is a witchy woman from Wales — she does distance Reiki sessions, tarot card reading, Spiritual Response Therapy, and sends Healing Boxes of inspirational tokens and comforting treats to chronically ill kids and adults.

When Ms. Quantock read about my imminent digital sabbatical, she rummaged up a list of offline activities (inspired by The Imagination Reclamation Resource Guide: Life After TeeVee by Inga Muscio) and sent it to me, with a virtual high five.

I cried.

This is the definition of the word support.

I asked Grace if I could share her list with the world, and she replied with an unbridled YES.

How lucky are we?

78 (legal, wholesome, cheery) things to do on your digital sabbatical
by Grace Quantock

do feminist self-defense
go somewhere new
be still and watch the world
decorate yourself
decorate your home
have a nice dinner
create wonderful food
create wonderful anything
talk about history with the people who lived through it
do random acts of kindness
plan a garden
make candles
quilt, sew and mend
make your own clothes
learn about the stars
look at a map, learn countries, capitals, about our world
learn a new skill
learn to speak another language
watch the clouds
observe art, pictures, people
write a poem
write a novel
write a journal entry
bird watch, feed the birds
watch trees
watch people, talk to them, connect
listen to music
give thanks
paint your toenails and fingernails, pamper, have a facial
rest, sleep
relax, enjoy
eat slowly and mindfully
make offerings
Have sacred time: think about your place in life
morning and evening meditations
arts and crafts
meditating with something: stone, land, person, idea, statue
write new rituals
make altars
visit gardens or parks
spend time with your animals, playing with them, talking to them
listen to music
make soulcollages
make artist trading cards
make wiggly bags
volunteer work
write letters
write to postpals
spend time with your vision boards
get up early and greet the morning
make greeting cards
close your eyes, imagine you are at the beginning of a road…you fill the rest in
take photographs
make a ‘zine
homemake things instead of buying them
make a song, sing it for your friends
do your affirmations and make new affirmations
send long distance reiki
practice Spiritual Response Therapy
tell stories, from traditions, from childhood, from fairy tales, from your imagination, from your own head
make a start on something you have always wanted to do but never have