What would Love do?

It’s late summer. A friend writes to me with a simple request.

She’s preparing to deliver a TEDx Talk — a lifelong dream, come true.

She’s written her story, crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s. She’s wondering if I’ll take a peek.

Y’know. Give her my two cents. Maybe a little rewriting, revamping, refining … that kinda thing.

My first instinct is YES. My second instinct is UGH — I-have-so-much-to-do-all-those-emails-emails-emails-blah-bah-deeeee-bloo — stiff anxiety, softening back into my first instinct. YES.

I click open the doc, scanning the title of her talk. Three words: “Remember To Love.”

Within moments, I am fighting back a tidal wave of messy, stinging tears. Then not fighting. Just letting them fall.

As the story unfolds, my friend Gemma — who happens to be a psychologist — circles around a central question:

What if Love was a person — a human being, like me or you?

In difficult situations, in happy conversations, in professional scenarios and personal ones, too …

What would Love do?

My mind begins to whirl.

What would Love do … on a first date that’s going well?

What would Love do … on a first date that’s not going well?

What would Love do … at a networking event? When pitching the media? When marketing a product? While waiting on hold for a customer service representative? When delivering criticism — or getting rejected?

What would Love do … with that avalanche of emails? With that project, left unfinished? With that project, not yet begun?

What would YOU do … if YOU were Love?

I think you know what you would do.

I think we all do.

So the next time you’re scared, stumbling, or second-guessing your instincts, simplify the whole scenario.

Just ask:

What would Love do?

And there is no confusion.

That’s what you should do, too.