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BEFORE you start writing:

Four practices to help you get focused & clear… and stick to the point.

      There’s a question that comes up at nearly every single workshop that I teach:   “How can I keep my writing focused, clear, effective, purposeful… and stick to the blessed point?”   It’s a great question with an infinite number of possible answers. But basically, it simmers down to this:   Before…

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“I did it!” vs. “It was worth it.” (There’s a difference…)

      Whenever I begin a new project — whether it’s a writing project, a business venture, or a personal challenge (like trying to exercise for an hour every day, for thirty days) — I usually decide on a particular “metric” that, in my mind, equals “success”.   “If I get 1,000 downloads, then…

Got a nude photo shoot coming up? (Who doesn’t?) My tips on how to feel brave, strong & sexy.

      (Photo by Danielle, of course. Nope. You don’t get to see the rest.)       It’s not every day that a master photographer (who also happens to be an energy worker and healer) says to you:   “I’d love to photograph you. Buck naked.”   OK, maybe those weren’t her exact…

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It’s not OK.

      My friend was waiting patiently on the steps of my apartment, reading a book. I was running late because I’d been working on a writing project that took longer than expected. I rushed towards her, out of breath and anxious, spewing apologies for my tardiness. She smiled and stood to hug me….

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What kind of “professional” do you want to be?

      The room was filled with one of the most beautiful sounds in the world — at least, to my ears: Typing fingers and scribbling pens. It was the opening night of one of my writing workshops, and I had just given out the first assignment: Write a short statement to introduce yourself…