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100 questions to spark conversation & connection.

Please ask yourself this question before you choose the “format” for your next product, service, art project, or heart project.

What are you devoted to creating? (A worksheet.)

10 ways to answer the dreaded, “Can I pick your brain?” question… gracefully.

Don’t leave a hole where your finest work should go.

Why I don’t necessarily want to grow “bigger.”

Write from a full cup.

10 ways to write blog post titles, headlines & email subject lines that make people go, “whoa!”

Before you start writing: Four practices to help you get focused & clear.

I did it! vs. It was worth it. (There’s a difference…)

Got a nude photo shoot coming up? My tips on how to feel brave, strong & sexy.

It’s not OK.

What kind of “professional” do you want to be?

12 ways to get more people reading & sharing your blog.

How to consult with a mystic (… and ask really good questions.)

Be the one who says “YES.”

35 things you can do instead of starting a blog.

Kindness is not a joke.

Don’t know what to write in your online dating profile? Try this.

The simple, sexy truth about how to “get booked” and “sell stuff.”

How to ask someone on a date.

Why I don’t do… all the things I don’t do.

Good Question: How to write a eulogy.

Still trying to “find your voice” as a writer? That’s not how it works.

If you were the best in the world at what you do, how would you behave?

Good Question: Got “email insecurity?” How to stop hovering over the “send” button and hit it, already.

You already know everything.

Let it hurt. Then get to work.

Just the right words. Just the right time. Three stories to inspire you to say them.

Everything is marketing.

Don’t “write blog posts” or “launch products.” Create little miracles.

I want be the kid who dances like a total dork & lights up the world.

What is a “good” writer, anyway?

7 guidelines for writing emails that people actually want to read.

How to get angry people to calm down & be cool.

Want to be famous, successful, booked ’til forever? Operate like the world is already listening.

What I know about love.

How to write to someone you admire & become their BFF. (And why maybe… you shouldn’t.)

The ultimate guide to naming your “thing.”

Downsizing your joy? Stop that. Let us be happy for you.

Tired of waiting? Great. Start creating.

How to write a book. (See also: complete anything.)

How to plan a workshop or retreat.

Why I want to be a “Daymaker.”

33 prompts to unlock new blog posts & stories that need to be told.

Got one blog reader (your mom?) Or ten? Or fifty? Here’s why you are a “big deal,” no matter what your audience size may be.

10 sexy & adorable ways to give your partner some love.

Warning: Do not read this if you enjoy clinging to excuses that prevent you from making art, moving forward & doing wonderful things.

How to be a deep & appreciative listener.

How to politely say “no” to a ridiculous, unreasonable request.

Keep marching.

How to write a ridiculously sexy (but totally classy) note to your sweetheart.

20 reasons to be happy & hopeful about humanity, the future, the world… and everything.

The 7 emails that nobody wants to receive — and how to answer each one with love.

The 3 major flavors of “writer’s block.”

Fear Choice vs. Love Choice. Which will you choose?

What would Love do?

10 of my favorite first date questions.

Trying to describe your delightful new project — and drawing a blank? Start here.

Read this when you can’t remember who you are, what you do, why you do it — or how to talk about it.

A 75-word business plan.

Just be helpful.

Read this when you’re feeling unwanted & rejected.

Distracted? Overwhelmed? The question that brings me back home.

This is just a reminder.

5 simple ideas that changed the way I write, speak, create, make money & operate in the world.

Yet another way to write your own bio.

Feeling drained by emails, blogs, newsletters — the whole Internet? Take back your power.

50 ways to be ridiculously generous — and feel ridiculously good.

You’ve got a video interview in ten minutes time. Here’s how to nail your message, feel great & shine.

Got a big dream? Start with one room.

Need to write a bio? Like, right now? Use this.

Don’t know what to blog about? 88 pieces of fill-in-the-blank inspiration.

10 of the best possible “worst case scenarios.”

Can you chat with a friend? Then you’re really good at sales.

How I decide what to charge.

How to throw an extraordinary workshop, even if you have “no experience.”

Too sexy for the Internet?

How to be more eloquent & witty.

How to have a fun & fascinating conversation with anyone.

I spent an hour with “The Oprah Whisperer.” Here’s what I learned.

Fortunately, it is not required for happiness.

On simplicity, night visions & doing what you damn well please.

30 confidence vitamins to pump you up.

Poem: You are not confused.

How to get fewer emails.

Or, you might surprise yourself.

You don’t have to “overcome adversity” in order to “know stuff.”

I hate writing! 3 words that (usually) mean something… else.

30 mantras for people who are afraid of “missing out.”

Screw the sales pitch. Write a love letter.

30 mini-love notes for Valentine’s Day… or any day.

5 ways to write a blow-your-mind manifesto.

How to say “no” to everything ever.

The value of Vacation Mind.

The most annoying question, ever.

The World of Possibility Card. (Send to someone you love.)

If you really knew me, you’d know… (The ultimate conversation starter)

In praise of sloppy courage.

Want to be memorable? Be moved & be moving.

What to do when you hit your “creative ceiling.”

Desperately seeking a mentor? Read this.

Want to discover your voice? Be forgetful.

The “it’s not rocket science” approach to making your dreams come true.

Your legendary hit? It could be a joke.

I’m not that busy. Really.

Money amplifies your art. (A manifesto.)

It’s just a numbers game — and you’ve already won.

What are you bored of?

Nobody knows what’s going to work for you.

How to find your creative rhythm.

Heavy metal confidence. Want some?

27 ways to be an (even) better person.

How to lift the fog of indecision & choose something. Now.

8 things I’ve learned about life — from conversations with 80and life coaches.

Red pills, blue pills & nipple tassels.

50 ways to say “you’re awesome.”

Ever been in love? Congratulations. You’re a genius.

Add to the love in the world.

This is what’s possible.

7 questions to ask yourself when you’re not sure who you’re becoming.

How to be kind when the answer is “no.”

What if… you chose your challenges?

17 ways to be a “philanthropist” without spending a dime.

Poem: Once.

78 things to do on your digital sabbatical.

Are you an Artist, or what?

It’s not crazy.

How to survive when everything sucks.

Answer the call.

It’s not an audition. It’s a performance.

How to deliver a meaningful compliment.

Why nothing is free. (Not even “free stuff.”)

What’s your “Plan Z?”

What’s on your future resume?

It’s OK to be awesome.

People want to help you.

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