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It’s not OK.

      My friend was waiting patiently on the steps of my apartment, reading a book. I was running late because I’d been working on a writing project that took longer than expected. I rushed towards her, out of breath and anxious, spewing apologies for my tardiness. She smiled and stood to hug me….

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What kind of “professional” do you want to be?

      The room was filled with one of the most beautiful sounds in the world — at least, to my ears: Typing fingers and scribbling pens. It was the opening night of one of my writing workshops, and I had just given out the first assignment: Write a short statement to introduce yourself…

12 “oh, duh!” ways to get more people reading & sharing your blog.

      I have a lot of opinions about why it’s so important to keep writing, even if it feels like “nobody’s reading.” I’ve also written about why you are a really big deal, regardless of your audience size. I’ve also written about why blogging isn’t for everyone & what you can do, instead….

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How to consult with a mystic (… and ask really good questions.)

      I’ve had dozens of fascinating conversations & consultations with mystics, over the years. Psychics. Witches. Readers. Intuitives. Angel whisperers. Hey, some of my best friends are Oracles! I’ve learned that when it comes to seeking guidance from a professional mystic, framing your questions in the right way can make all the difference….

Be the one who says “YES.”

      “Hello. May I speak with Alexandra Franzen?” The woman on the other end of the line sounded weary and beaten down, like she’d been riding a Greyhound bus through Hades for the past fifteen days. “Speaking,” I said. I knew, already, that this was some kind of fundraising or tele-marketing call. Part…