Classes, Retreats & Parties

I teach classes on writing, storytelling, self-expression, creativity, and how to build confidence, tackle your goals, and finish your projects — instead of procrastinating.

Here’s what I’m currently offering:

DIG DEEP: an online writing class
MUSCLE & HEART: a writing-yoga-fitness retreat
OUT LOUD: A class on storytelling and public speaking

As a teacher and retreat leader, I bring 10+ years of experience as a professional writer and published author, plus compassion, encouragement, and a big dose of levity and silliness — because writing is way more fun when you’re smiling instead of grimacing!

I hope you find something here that sparks your curiosity, and makes you think, “Yeah! I’d love to be part of that!” See you online and on the road!



DIG DEEP is an online class that includes videos, workbooks, and interactive Q&A sessions. You can sign up and start anytime, and you can go through the materials at your own pace.

This class focuses on the emotional side of writing — how to quiet down your inner critic, how to stop procrastinating, and how to stay motivated to keep writing, week after week — even when it feels like “nobody cares” or “nobody is noticing” your work.

Also, there’s an amazing dance break featuring a Broadway choreographer — because sometimes you’ve just got to stand up and shake out those mental cobwebs!


MUSCLE & HEART is a writing, yoga, and fitness retreat. It’s a chance to spend some quality time with a writing project that feels important to you — like a new book, blog, screenplay, e-course, or website revamp — in a beautiful, uplifting setting.

Delicious food. Fitness classes every morning. Relaxing nighttime yoga by candlelight. Beach trips. Waterfall hikes. Lots of free time to think and write. You’ll leave feeling strong and recharged — most likely, with several new friends!

Upcoming MUSCLE & HEART retreats:

— The Big Island of Hawaii (January 3 – 8, 2018)

— The Big Island of Hawaii (January 15 – 20, 2018)

— The Big Island of Hawaii (April 2 – 9, 2018)

To be added to the “just in case” wait-list for a sold out retreat, please email: Thank you!


OUT LOUD is a one-day class on storytelling, public speaking, stage presence, and creating your signature look and style.

If you want to feel more confident about speaking onstage, teaching in front of live audiences, and making other kinds of live appearances — like podcasts and webinars — this class is for you!

The class is happening three times: Los Angeles (Saturday, September 30, 2017), New York City (Saturday, October 7, 2017), and Portland, Oregon (Saturday, October 14, 2017).

I’m co-teaching this class along with two other wonderful instructors, and it’s going to be so much fun!

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