DIG DEEP: The Magazine


Dig Deep: The Magazine is a collection of pieces written by students from the Dig Deep writing class.

This annual literary magazine includes true stories, essays, and poetry on all facets of life–love, relationships, family, grief, loss, trauma, assault, recovery, renewal, the mystery of God, the depths of the ocean, beloved pets, international trips, the challenges of being a single parent, and everything in between.

This magazine is free. Please download it, enjoy it, and invite other people to check it out, too. You can share this link – http://bit.ly/digdeep-magazine – in an email, in a newsletter, on social media, or wherever you like.

We hope this magazine inspires you to dig deep inside of yourself, find a story that you’d like to share, and write it down. Post it. Publish it. Share it publicly, or share it with a handful of friends. You never know how your story might impact someone else’s life.


Alexandra Franzen and Susan Hyatt


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Special Thanks

Big thanks to Larissa Zozula, Kate Lyness, and Holland Colvin. Proofreading, project management, creative brilliance–this wouldn’t have come together without you.