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q-aOur Q&A A Day: A Journal For 2 People

This is a daily journal for couples to complete together.

It has a new question for every day of the year and space for both of your answers.

(I got hired to write the questions by Potter Style, a division of Random House / Crown. Peek inside the front cover and you’ll see my name! Exciting.)

This book is a great gift for you & your sweetheart or another couple you know.

It’s a #1 bestseller on Amazon. Because love rules.

Hardcover. 368 pages.



awesome50 Ways To Say “You’re Awesome.”

This is an illustrated book about the power of gratitude. Because we all need to say “thank you” more often.

I came up with the concept & wrote the text. The wonderful Rebecca Pollock did the drawings. It’s an adorable, colorful book for kids and grown-ups, too.

It also has the world’s cutest theme song & trailer!

Hardcover. 112 pages.




milknhoneyMilk & Honey: A Love Story

This is an erotic novel about a writer & a pastry chef.

Think: Fifty Shades of Grey, but with less bondage and more chocolate soufflés.

One reader called it, “The best erotica I’ve ever read.” (Why, thank you!)

It is sexy, romantic, racy, and definitely for grown-ups only.

I hope you love reading it… as much as I loved writing it!

Digital (PDF). 288 pages.




feelFeel. Know. Do.

If you ramble, get distracted, or struggle to “get to the point” when you’re writing, this workbook will help you out.

Inside, I will show you a simple way to organize your thoughts before you start writing or speaking.

(I’ve shared the Feel. Know. Do. technique with hundreds of people in 17 cities around the world & thousands of people online. It’s definitely the most popular “writing technique” that I’ve ever shared. Try it out!)

Digital (PDF). 11 pages.



feelOne Letter Today

One Letter Today is a free workbook about the art of letter writing.

This workbook contains tips to help you craft 7 different types of letters: love letters, apology letters, thank you letters, and more.

Write letters… because it feels good, because it’s uplifting, because it’s a simple way to create a beautiful ripple in the world.

Who knows where that ripple may lead?

Digital (PDF). 25 pages.



feelEmail Is Wonderful

Email Is Wonderful is a free workbook about how to write better emails. Emails that inspire. Emails that shine. Emails that people appreciate and remember.

The kinds of emails that leave your recipients thinking, “This was the best email I’ve gotten all year.”

How many amazing, beautiful things will you do with email… today?

Digital (PDF). 42 pages.



new yearCommitment

Commitment is a free workbook to help you map out your most important projects, goals, and commitments for the year ahead.

Write down your priorities.

Be true to your word.

Digital (PDF). 7 pages.



noHow To Say NO, Nicely.

How To Say NO, Nicely is a free workbook filled with communication tips to help you say “NO” — kindly and gracefully — in 10 common scenarios.

NO is a powerful word. I hope this booklet inspires you to use it more often.

Digital (PDF). 34 pages.




sexI collaborated with artist Kent Youngstrom to create a line of inspiring paintings and posters.

(He did all the work. I just wrote a few snippets of poetry.)

Get a bunch. Your bedroom walls are lonely.




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