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“Like many people, I am on a zillion email lists. Yours is the only one that I look forward to.” —Michele M. Paiva

“I almost cried reading your newsletter last night. Whenever things are feeling dim for me, you light up my inbox like the 4th of July.” —Holley Murchison

“Alex: You have the heart and soul of a zen master — and the love and joy of a kung fu panda.” —Master Phil Nguyen

“Thanks to those sweet, insanely helpful templates you share oh so generously… turns out, I CAN write. Geez! Who knew. Thank you.” –Grace Estripeaut

“Alex: You put forth such thought-provoking questions. I can’t thank you enough for all of the help you’ve already given me. I’m planning to pay you back in some way. I’ve already been paying it forward.” –Gary Lange

“Thank you for the beautiful worksheets that you share. I am traveling to corners of my mind & soul that I haven’t visited before.” –Leah Fox

“Alex: You inspire me. I just had a light bulb moment that it’s OK to be successful and awesome.” —Ian Jin Yap

“Alex: I love how you’re adding love to the world in every possible way you can. Thanks for doing that. Keep being you… it’s totally working.” —Bradley Grinnen

“I adore the brief, neon-bright sunbeams that you send to my inbox, every week. Oh heck, I love everything about you. Thank you.” —Susan Michael Barrett

“Your emails inspire me and fire me up to be the best I can be.” —Lotte van den Broek

“I’m compelled — yes, compelled! — to read every one of Alexandra’s missives. She’s obsessively readable. You’ll see why.” –Susan Harrow