My email address is:

This is my only email address. I read absolutely every note I receive.

It’s always nice to know that my work is resonating with people, or that something I said helped or inspired you. (Yes! That’s my goal.)

However: the greatest “thanks!” you could possibly give me… is a nice, empty inbox. (Ahh.)

If your heart is bursting with appreciation today, why not write a letter to your mom, dad, best friend, local firemen, librarian, or barista? I bet they’d love to receive an unexpected message from you. You never know where one spontaneous letter might lead.

Not a demand or command. Just an option.

If you do choose to write to me, I will read your note, love it, and smile. (I just might not be able to respond for a while — top priority has to go to my active clients and customers. Thanks for your patience & understanding.)


PS. Here is my address for non-electronic mail (my favorite kind):

Alexandra Franzen
3439 NE Sandy Blvd #211
Portland, OR 97232