Got one blog reader (your mom?) Or ten? Or fifty? Here’s why you are a BIG DEAL, no matter what your audience size may be.


Imagine this:

You’re telling a true story at an intimate dinner party — say, you + six other people.

Everybody at the table is listening to you … nodding, smiling, completely entranced by your words.

You wrap up your story to a round of appreciative laughter.

You feel pretty amazing, right?

You’ll remember this moment, fondly.

You might think to yourself, “That was fun!”

You might even think, “I can’t wait to do that again!”

And you would.


But now, imagine this:

You’re telling that exact same story — but this time, you’re telling it on your blog.

And instead of six people listening — sitting in the same room as you — this time, you’ve got six readers sitting at their desks in six different rooms.

This time, instead of thinking to yourself, “I’m amazing!”

You might think: “I’m nobody.”

And yet … it’s still six people.

Heck, it could be the exact same six people.

But somehow, projected into the online space, those “numbers” feel different.

Less meaningful. Less important. Easier to dismiss.


That kind of attitude serves no one.

Not you. And certainly not the people reading (or listening) to you.


It’s time for an EPIC reframe.

From now on …



Instead of saying:

“Only my mom reads my blog.”

Try saying:

“The woman who gave LIFE to me is reading my blog! What an honor!”


Instead of saying:

“Only six people read my blog.”

Try saying:

“Every time I write a blog post, I’m helping / inspiring / entertaining an intimate DINNER PARTY!”


Instead of saying:

“Only fifty people read my blog.”

Try saying:

“Every time I write a blog post, I’m helping / inspiring / entertaining a packed COFFEE SHOP!”


Instead of saying:

“Only one hundred people read my blog.”

Try saying:

“Every time I write a blog post, I’m helping / inspiring / entertaining a sold-out MUSIC VENUE!”


Instead of saying:

“Only three hundred people read my blog.”

Try saying:

“Every time I write a blog post, I’m helping / inspiring / entertaining an entire AIRLINE JET!”


Instead of saying:

“Only five hundred people read my blog.”

Try saying:

“Every time I write a blog post, I’m helping / inspiring / entertaining a bustling FARMERS MARKET!”


Instead of saying:

“Only one thousand people read my blog.”

Try saying:

“Every time I write a blog post, I’m helping / inspiring / entertaining a HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL STADIUM”


Instead of saying:

“Only two thousand people read my blog.”

Try saying:

“Every time I write a blog post, I’m helping / inspiring / entertaining a PACKED AUDIENCE at Shakespeare’s GLOBE THEATER, with a LINE AROUND THE BLOCK!”


Readers are readers.

Listeners are listeners.

Friends are friends.

Humans are humans.

Honor them. Respect them. Write your _____ off for them.

Do it with grace — whether they’re standing directly in front of you, or seated halfway across the world.

Because you never know whose life YOUR words are going to touch, transform or even heal.

Because, you? Yeah.

You’re kind of a big deal.


P.S. Today’s post was inspired by a highly-caffeinated + passionate conversation with my friend Rebecca Rapple. She’s a good egg to know. You should watch her show.


Your mantra for today:

If I help, inspire or entertain ONE person today, I’ve done great work. And I’ll do it again, tomorrow.



This made me choke up just a bit today….I definitely needed this today. It’s a Friday that has gotten me feel like I’ve been run over by a depression dump truck. I’ve got tears in my eyes and a desire to actually be successful for the one person that I love that is reading.

Kathy: Keep writing for that one person. To impact even ONE human life in a significant way … well, that IS significant.

Alexandra Franzen on Feb 21, 2014 Reply

Thank you! <3

You got this Kathy! Your words matter. And your site is beautiful.

Thanks so much, Alexandra. I really appreciate your soulful words and Spirit. Our words are power…and we never know how our message, spoken from our heart, is going to impact readers. Except that we intend it’s exactly perfect, exactly as it is, because we are tapped into and sharing from our heart…so we can’t go wrong. Besides, they would’t be on our list if there wasn’t resonance, right? Perfect. Every Word, Every Reader matters. Thank you!

great way to put things in perspective! its so true that it feels like 5 readers are so insignificant that it is discouraging. i can also recall having numerous 2 person conversations that feel so much more rewarding. i love the idea of thinking about your audience as a packed coffee shop! defintely applying that myself.

I got caught up in a similar feeling recently with my blog/newsletter…questioning if I am really delivering value…until one person thanked me via e-mail and brought me back to why I am doing what I am doing. Thanks Alex.

Needed this! How do we trick ourselves into thinking it’s never enough? It is! We ARE! Thank you!

Love this, Alexandra. Helps with my open rate, too. While it pushes 50%, I fixate on all the people who MISSED THE MESSAGE rather than celebrating all those who open and devour as soon as they see I’ve sent something (as I do with your missives, dear one). Love love!

I love this! It’s all about perspective. I remember I was taking a blogging confidence course and she said, “if no one is reading your blog, then why are you so afraid of making a mistake? and if someone is reading it, then you must be doing something right, so what’s the problem?” It’s a good way to reframe the situation, and I totally agree that even influencing one person is totally significant!

An avalanche of gratitude for this Alex! Your words of wisdom flew into my inbox at exactly the right moment… lm♥

Thank you so much for this. I really needed your message today. I’m feeling a bit insignificant in life in general, and a friend alerted me to the fact that she’d just posted a really nice blog about me. I was really touched by the blog, but it didn’t pull me out of today’s doldrums. And then your blog made me realize that to this person, I did something VERY significant. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Ultimately, do it for you. Do it because you love it. And if someone is reading? BONUS! If not, you’ve enjoyed yourself writing your new blog post!

Love it! So beautiful, thank you!

I sooo needed this today.
My fledgling list is only at 33… and all I hear are the crickets!
I’m getting pretty overwhelmed about what I should write about… and I just found our that I didn’t make Marie’s Bschool… and was really relying on the clarity and help that that course would have brought!

Being reminded that my blog is worth writing for, and that [even though I’m currently overwhelmed] I will keep writing for the 14 people who opened the email… and the 7 who clicked onto other stuff… I will continue trying to inspire my dinner party ;)

The Good news… my little dinner party has become quite a big birthday bash (at 21 opens of a list of 47)… I’m on my way to entertaining that coffee shop ;)
… and I’m having a TON more fun doing it… I can’t wait to see what’ll happen by the end of this month… Thank you so much for the awesome tips you generously give us!

Loved this – so true! As a soon to be blogger – I’m new to this world it certainly sets the tone and my attitude for moving forward! Thanks for sharing, just gorgeous x

Rachel on Feb 21, 2014 Reply

You are just so insightful, Alex. Bang on the money, as always. Wow.

Thank you for the much-needed reminder. <3

Nice! Sometimes writing my blog feels like writing letters to my brothers…they seem to fall off the end of the earth, never to be seen again. Yeah…good to remember that even one life touched is a big think. Thanks!

Nice! Just the reminder I needed today. Writing…not a numbers game….it’s all about the words. And the meanings, intentions, and love behind them. SO encouraged and inspired by ALL the comments here! Write on!! ox

Thank you for “reframing” our thoughts, Alex. You’re amazing.

YOU are kind of a big deal! Your words never fail to inspire, motivate, encourage and hellsyes! even heal me.
Thank you <3
and hey…how do the replyers pics get on here?

I like this new way of looking at things! Thank you!

To write is to free your thoughts. This is an awesome responsibility because your words can be taken as loving, or sometimes, mistaken as hurtful. Yet, despite the risk that we might be misinterpreted beyond our most lucid intentions, your value rests in your honesty.

Free your thoughts as their most honest selves knowing you mean well when you offer what is in your heart.

Carl Rachel on Feb 21, 2014 Reply

Oh, darling, yes. As I’m just starting out (like, the website isn’t even launched yet), THIS is what I’ll hang on to and remember. Printing and posting. Thank you!

This is so true. Thanks for the reframe Alex! You nailed it!

Love this! What a great way of rethinking how your blog is reaching people.

Instead of saying:

“Only one hundred people read my blog.”
Try saying:
“Every time I write a blog post, I’m helping / inspiring / entertaining a sold-out MUSIC VENUE!”

What a great twist! Thanks for sharing and now because I care, I will share! Make it a great day / night!

Aww this is wonderful! Thank you so much for this reminder, it’s exactly what I needed!!

It’s totally amazing what a slight mind shift can do! I don’t care if I’m a big deal, what I care about is helping at least that one person. That is what makes sitting in front of my computer with achy shoulders worth every second! Thank you for this reminder, you’ve inspired a new post it note! (That’s kind of a big deal!)

I love a good reframe. Thanks for that Alexander. Funny how sometimes there is that tension between wanting work to have an impact and be valued, to make a difference in peoples lives but then the fear of being seen, read, etc as Brene Brown famously quoted of “being in the arena..marred by dust and sweat and blood… who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly”

Thanks for a reliably great read.

oops…Alexan-dra :)

I so needed this. Thank you, Alexandra. I’ve been feeling pretty down about not having much visibility. The other day, I received an email from a reader who said in a moment of pause from crying over a heart break she came across one of my posts and felt I spoke to her pain in a way no one else had. It reminded me of why I write.

Love this, Alexandra! Such an important reminder, thank you! xx

Inspiring one soul at a time! Thanks for the reminder.

Thank you. So much. I needed this today :)

YES! Lavish your love on the ones who show up – don’t worry about “numbers”. EVER.

Theresa: You need to get “Lavish your love on the ones who show up” printed on a t-shirt. Or made into a rap, or somethin’.


Alexandra Franzen on Feb 22, 2014 Reply

Mindset is such a vital part of everyday happiness, thanks for the reminder! It’s funny how looking at the same situation in two different ways can create incredible change.

Thank you for this! I think this is the main reason I have been the worst blogger on the planet. I feel like it is a waste of time if no one is reading. I think it is time to give it another shot. :)

Oh how I needed to read this! I sometimes get bummed when my videos only get 100 views but you’re right, that’s an entire audience! Wonderful post.

Absolutely LOVE this post. Such a great way to look at it. I think it’s easy to get into the number game and if the numbers don’t go up, we feel like crap and we get down on ourselves. Even if the number is HIGH especially when you think of it in terms of actual people, physical real life human beings. It’s amazing how much a little shift in perspective can bring us.

Wow. Best blog post I have read in ages :) Thank you ! xo

What a beautiful writing. thanks.

Bravo, Alex, applause, your words is a simple and great! ♥

Yes, yes, yes, and YES! I fall into the stats trap way too often, so this is a powerful reframe for me. Thank you. :)

It is amazing how a simple change of mindset can put things to perspective. Thank you for being the reason that I love my humble blog and the reason why I continue to write for as the love for it is still within me

I loved this! I felt for a long time that blogging was a solo venture and was thrilled at ANY readership. But then when I did want to spread my wings a little, I kinda shrunk comparing my little piece of the internet to the big names. This just grounded me back to WHOA – I have readers and they are AWESOME.

So thank you :)

Incredible, Alexandra. Love how concrete this is – I can really “hold” this reframe and use it. Thank you!

This is beyond wonderful. I’m going to print it out and stick it above my desk, thank you.

This is brilliant! I try not to read too much into statistics and think that if I reach just a few people with my blog then it’s worth writing. I blog primarily for myself-if people read it then that’s a bonus. Thank you for this great reminder that the numbers don’t really matter.

This is great, Alex – thanks! My email list has a grand total of TWO names on it, but hey, some of my best ever conversations are with just one person so perhaps that’s just fine!


Milena on Feb 22, 2014 Reply

Oh, this is SO timely, thank you, Alexandra. I am new to your blog and work and what an introduction:) Still right at the beginning of my work and blog I find myself struggling with this exact topic from time to time, especially when I’m tired or things are moving slowly. I love how you put it all into a new, uplifting perspective, taking the lack piece right out of it.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for forever- I just finally took the plunge recently. We’re about to go into month three and these words came just in time. Thanks!

THANK YOU for this post, I absolutely LOVE this!!! Such a great reframe!!!!

Thank you for this! I write for parents and wow – parenting presses that shame button in all of us! I’m blessed to have people reading my blog and yipee that it’s not perfect :)

Love this reframe of perspective. It’s a celebration of gratitude. It’s a celebration of hope and inspiration (for self and for others.) Thank you.

I LOVE this, Alex. I feel so honoured every time I get a social media share. It validates so much of what I do and what I’m sharing, not matter how small the numbers are. In fact, I love the intimacy of small numbers. I feel connected to each person. It’s wonderful and humbling.

I would like to add my thanks to the pile. At the moment I am sitting somewhere between a dinner party and a coffee shop, but from now on I am going to be grateful that those 5-65 people have taken the time out of their day to read the words that I have written. When I am grateful for all the good things in my life, more good things will want to join the party. Thank you Alexandra. x

Beautifully said and way to put it in perspective. I was getting down on myself for having a small blog but the way you put it, I’m a rock star!

Thanks for putting things in perspective.

The reason I started reviewing (back then at Amazon only) was to help promote authors I love. I’ve always loved talking about books I’m reading. Now I can expand that beyond my real life friends.

You are right that even if I’ve a small voice, if I’m getting someone else to pick up an author I love, I’ve done what I set out to do. So thank you.

This post made me realise something. Like you said, telling 6 people a story in real life and them enjoying it is a good feeling. But then, they’re sort of already there and have to listen if you’re rambling on.

The 6 readers don’t have to look at your blog. They don’t have to read anything – but they do, by choice.

Katie: That is an excellent observation. Your blog readers aren’t there by “accident” or “circumstance.” They CHOSE to be there, reading your words.

Well put. :)

Alexandra Franzen on Feb 23, 2014 Reply

Hi Alexandra – I came to visit your blog via Karen at build a little biz. I loved this post – thank you. There’s lots of noise and chatter about losing organic reach on FB but I’m always grateful for any of those numbers. I seem to go back to the 100 people who came to our wedding. “400 people saw that post – that’s way more people than were at our wedding” I then make myself smile with the visual image of me having the post printed out and going around and showing my guests it and seeing how long it would have taken to show 100 people. I enjoyed that you link those numbers back to real world events and how amazing it is that we can reach customers via this glorious WWW. Cheers, Sarah

Thank you so much for this post. I never thought of it this way and it what a shift! I have a list of eleven people who took the time to sign up for my newsletter and I’ve never written to them. It felt so small and what’s the point? Love. That’s the point. Always.
Thanks again,

I wrote my first email to a list of 17 today. The list includes my mom and my daughter.

Thank you, Alexandra. I had a lot of fun writing it.

Yes, yes, YES!

I just sent out my newsletter today to my 11 subscribers and was feeling a little unloved. Until right now. Because now I realise that I got to tell a whole 11 people about something really important that they never knew about! 11 people who willingly signed up to hear what I’ve got to say. Those 11 people rock.

Thanks Alex!

Brilliant Alex,

Thanks babe x

What a fabulous post. Great inspiration for a Monday morning.

I have always wondered if bloggers don’t change a bit when they (and it includes me) start thinking in terms of readership.
The most honest and moving posts are often written when the mind is free of numbers (followers and likes).
So thank you for refreshing our memories: in the first place a blog is our place to express through words, photos or anything that we find represent us best, our human feelings and experiences.
Cheers to you and your readers, too.

Wow. I think I love this post. In fact, I know I do. Off to write! Thanks, Alexandra!

Charmaine on Feb 24, 2014 Reply

Love this! Excellent truth that I needed to hear today. Thanks so much for sharing!

Yippee! Might be time to get back on the horse. I keep “writing” posts in my head- could be time to let them have a bit more light. Thanks, Alex.

This is an excellent inspirational post. YES! Every reader, every commentor, every visit, they are all special and should make us feel important.

This is amazing, thank you!

Brilliant, thank you for sharing and inspiring!

Thanks for taking us to the ‘other side’ of blogging. Kudos Alexandra

What a great reframe. Obviously, you are touching more lives than the Glove Theater. Thanks for letting me part of the audience.

Love this! Thank you for your words! Our purpose is love. Simply love. And to share that love in its many forms. To quantify it is to diminish its power…

What a great outlook :) I’ll certainly take this on board next time I’m worried my blog goes unread by enough people, thank you for sharing (and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart).

A beautiful and inspired reframe! Wow, you’re good!

Loving inspiring my ‘fully booked to overflowing top class restaurant’.

Thank you.
I have been feeling like a big ol’ failure lately, not just in my professional life as a blogger, reiki master and fine art photographer but in my personal life as well…it’s easy to justify and make excuses for not succeeding at business, but feeling like you’re failing at life, the mere basics of it, is quite another…and the past five years have been pure hell (and I’m talking Lifetime movie of the week kind of hell). You have helped me re-frame at least one portion of my life and feel better for it, because you’re right, you never know who you’re touching…just as you touched me today…
so thank you.

I needed this reminder today. I am always amazed and honored when I get feedback from my small readership. It reminds why I am doing this in the first place. To connect with people, envisioning them at a dinner table or in a small coffee shop makes it more personal. Easier to write to them and tell them what is in my heart. Thank you.

You are a super force – thank you for being brave enough to grow into the leader you are for the community of people who find you and are inspired by you.

I’m going to write my arse off my my 1 reader and be damn proud to do so.

This is just what I needed to hear. I recently launched my new blog in January and feel disheartened when I pour my heart and soul (and all my free time!) into writing and feel no one is listening or commenting. This was a refreshing perspective shifter. Thank you!

Thank you for this!!! Even though you wrote it a bit ago, the timing for me was perfect!

Thank you so much for putting this into perspective for me! I am now feeling SO grateful for the packed coffee shop I’m helping and inspiring. :)

Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Thanks for this post — I stumbled across it after I read your ‘what should i write about next article’. Although my traffic is steadily increasing, it can sometimes feel like I’m writing for only a few people and I have no idea who those people are, but this made me smile so thank you.

Thank you for your post which came in as a link as I just signed up. I’ve been out of work for 6 weeks, and find it torture to write cover letters and resumes. I spent the entire day yesterday and came up with ONE set for a potential employer; found your blog (via my d-i-l). Then I looked at my days work and realized I entirely missed the boat with my cover letter.

Deep down I’m telling myself “what’s the use?” I am competing with hundreds of others for a job; there’s no way my skills and experience can stand out in that crowd even if I do get past the “computer screen.”

I also do a monthly e-newsletter for my direct selling business and have only received 1 or 2 responses in the over 13 years I’ve been doing it.
Only a handful have unsubscribed, but I’m guessing everyone clicks and deletes without reading.

Your post has giving me hope and a new perspective to return to the job hunt. Thank you.

Another inspiring post – thanks!

Yay, positivity!

Janice on Aug 25, 2014 Reply

Wow! Bravo Alexandra! Thank you for this.

Thanks! Really encouraging to a new blogger/writer! :)

OMG, I am loving that reframe! And so so so true! THHANKS!
(Will share. Hope that is okay.)


Freaking amazing! You know just how to put things into perspective and make a person feel way more awesome about themselves! From now on I’ll definitely think about my blogging audience in an entirely different light. Thanks so much for the great post, Alexandra :)

Thank you!! I can see I’m not alone in this, very comforting. I was getting caught up on my stats and feeling badly that I don’t have lots of followers. But, I’ve been telling my stories to a packed coffee house…and I’m close to a music venue. And I didn’t start blogging with stats and followers in mind anyway. Thanks again!!

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