A 75-word business plan.


Tea. Light. Words. Captured at my San Francisco workshop. By Esmé Weijun Wang.


Ask yourself, “How can I be helpful?”

Do that.

Then ask, “How much money feels appropriate for my particular flavor of helpfulness?”

Charge that.

Then ask, “What could I make that would be even more helpful?”

Make that.

Then ask, “How can I go completely over-the-top with my helpfulness, devotion and generosity?”

Give that.

Then ask, “How can I be the best in the world at my flavor of helpfulness?”

Be that.




Simple, yet one of the most effective approaches to finding your purpose I’ve seen lately. I like the idea of thinking about how you can help the world. :)

Alex, I love how you teach me that less is more – more powerful, more true, more clear. Thank you!

You are illuminating! Thank you for your authenticity! Simplicity and clarity wrapped up in a burrito!

You are in SF? Awesome! Maybe I’ll run into you someday. Thanks for the inspiration. Love & Blessings <3

I don’t know, that seems pretty complicated! Just kidding! :) Simple and straight forward, very nice!

printing this out for further pondering and implementation … most excellent!

This rocks my socks.

As always, brilliant! Simplifying a business plan like this is a great way to move forward with ease and beauty.

You are a brilliant genius!

Torva on Nov 5, 2013 Reply

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Also printing out. Did I say LOVE?

This is utterly wonderful. Thank you for being so straight-up and (gently, delightfully) pithy, Alexandra.

Brilliant simplicity x

Simplicity at its best x

Oh I feel like a mini celeb – that’s my phone, tea and journal in that photo – hehe! Was such a great day in SF together Alexandra xxx

Love the simplicity!

Thank you,

You. Fucking. Rock.
Merci Alex! xox

Wow, now that’s a biz plan I can get behind!

I’m seriously printing this out right NOW, and I’m going to fill in the blanks and hang it next to my desk ♥

Oh Alex! I am leading a Conscious Leadership in Madrid and México. Would you allow me to share your questions? Mentioning you of cooooooooourse.

Absolutely. Have at it! :)

Alexandra Franzen on Jan 20, 2014 Reply

Mil gracias! Gonna celebrate with tapas & tequila in your honour! Gonna put you in my recommended read list together with Byron Katie (the work) and Alexander Osterwalder (Business Model Generation). Have a great week.

Love. Love. Love!!! May I share on my site?

You sure may! :)

Alexandra Franzen on Feb 10, 2014 Reply

Holy McDammit this is awesome! All of it!
Thanks from Sweden.

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