Don’t know what to blog about? 88 pieces of fill-in-the-blank inspiration.


What’s that? You want to write a blog post today?

But you don’t know where to begin?

Well, now you do. You’re welcome.


## amazing alternatives to ____________-ing.

## creative ways to make your ____________ even better.

## lessons that have changed the way I ____________.

## mantras to help you survive ____________.

## of the most beautiful ____________ in the world.

## people who do ____________ better than anyone else.

## people who have shaped + inspired the way that I ____________.

## questions to ask yourself before you ____________.

## quotes to inspire you to ____________.

## reasons to fall head-over-heels in love with ____________.

## reasons to give ____________-ing another shot.

## reasons your ____________-ing plan isn’t working out.

## reminders for times when you feel like ____________-ing.

## simple ways to spruce up your ____________.

## songs that will make you wanna ____________.

## surprising places to find your next ____________.

## terrible mistakes I made while ____________-ing — and what I learned from each one.

## things I love about ____________.

## things I no longer believe about ____________.

## things most people don’t know about ____________.

## things that are making me feel totally ____________.

## things to consider before making a decision about ____________.

## things to do when you need a break from ____________.

## truths about ____________ I wish I’d known, ## years ago.

## ways to ____________ on a budget.

## ways to ____________ when you’re totally bored of all the usual ____________.

## ways to attract more ____________ into your life.

## ways to create more ____________ in the world.

## ways to have waaaaay more fun while you ____________.

## ways to simplify the way you ____________.

A behind-the-scenes tour of my ____________.

A can’t-mess-it-up checklist for your very first ____________.

Chop chop! ## things to do before it’s time for ____________.

Everything I know about ____________ I learned from ____________.

Good news! ## reasons to smile + be happy about ____________.

How I scored a chance to ____________. (And how it changed my ____________.)

How to ____________ even if you don’t think you’re “ready.”

How to ____________ like nobody’s ever ____________-ed before.

How to ____________ when everything totally ____________s.

How to ____________ when you’re a complete beginner.

How to ____________ without ruining anyone’s life. (Or your own.)

How to ____________ without spending a dime.

How to bounce back after a shocking + unexpected ____________.

How to choose the right ____________ for your ____________.

How to cope when ____________ doesn’t approve of your ____________.

How to get the most out of your next ____________.

How to have a conversation with your ____________ about ____________.

How to persuade your ____________ to help you ____________.

How to prevent ____________ from ever happening to you. (Or happening again.)

How to profoundly impress your ____________s, every time.

How to soothe your ego when nobody wants to ____________ with you.

How to spend less time doing ____________ (and make more time for ____________.)

How to transform your ____________ into a ____________.

I met my hero, ____________! Here’s what I learned.

My up-close-and-personal conversation with ____________.

Oops! You screwed up your ____________. ## ways to fix it.

Read this the next time you’re desperately longing for ____________.

Read this the next time you’re doubting your ability to ____________.

Read this the next time you’re ready to give up on ____________.

So, you gave ____________-ing a shot? Didn’t work out? ## things to try next.

So, you think you want to ____________? ## pieces of advice.

Terrified about ____________-ing? ## comforting words of advice.

The ____________ guide to ____________-ing.

The ## best decisions I ever made about ____________.

The #1 question that every ____________ asks me.

The #1 reason that nobody’s interested in your ____________. (Yet.)

The downside of ____________-ing — and how to do it differently.

The dark, deep, scandalous secret that ____________ wishes you knew about ____________.

The easiest, simplest, happiest way to ____________.

The last time I ever ____________-ed. (And why I’ll never do it again.)

The story of that one time I ____________-ed, and lived to tell the tale.

The surprising connection between ____________ and ____________.

The top ## ways to ____________.

Totally bored of ____________? ## things to try, instead.

Totally freaked out about ____________? ## reasons to rrrrelax.

Totally obsessed with ____________? ## things you’ll adore, even more.

What ____________ taught me about ____________.

What I tell myself when I really don’t feel like ____________-ing.

What it REALLY means to ____________.

What to wear to your very first ____________.

Why ____________ matters to me.

Why absolutely nothing is wrong with your ____________.

Why being ____________ is a surprisingly good idea.

Why I’m no longer satisfied with ____________ — and what I’m doing about it.

Why that terrible ____________ is actually a blessing.

Why there’s more than enough ____________ to go ’round.

Why we’re all desperately waiting for you to ____________.

Why you should get out of your own way and ____________ already.


Get out there and write the ____________-iest blog post that ever ____________-ed.

And have a ____________ day.




You are actually a genius! I love this :D

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of my printer!

*prints out and nails to the wall*

Thank you!

Thank you! Amazing. I always keep a list in Evernote of blog ideas, so I never run dry. I just added these in!

You mind reader! This is awesome! Thanks a million times.

Love and gratitude beyond words to you, Alexandra. Printing while dancing!

What a helpful resource. Thanks for getting the ideas flowing!

Wonderful. Thank you Alex. Thank you.

Franzen, you really are a genius. This. IS. BLOODY. Brilliant. Generous. Amazing. Inspirational. Like wowz. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Eeek! Thank you.


Gotta thank you thank you thank you for this goldmine. I have a bad case of ‘the indecisives’ and this is gonna be massively helpful for a gal like me.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart and soul singing with inspiration!

Thank you for sharing YOU and all your wonderousness with the world, including me.

MUAH MUAH MUAH! I love you girl. Thank you again for giving us such inspiration

Thank you! I’m currently in the process of planning my editorial calendar for the rest of the year. This is right on time.

P.S. You’re rapidly becoming my secret weapon. See tip #10 from this post a few months ago:


Brilliant ideas! Thanks for sharing. No excuse not to write today.

WOW! Thanks so very much for sharing, I just LOVE receiving your emails they really bring such a lift to my day :-).

Awesome. Generous. Thank you!

chara caruthers on Aug 8, 2013 Reply

THESE ARE GENIUS. And I fancied myself as fairly creative and resistant to writer’s block. But he’ll yeah. I love these ideas!!!

That was supposed to say “HELL yeah”, not “he’ll yeah”
Next post ## ways auto correct makes me sound illiterate…

You are amazing! I’ve been going through your old posts today from back in 2010, thinking how you always have something to write about, and I always seem to struggle. I thought to myself, “I bet Alexandra would have some tips on blogging topics”. Two hours later, an email from you with a link to this post. Amazing!

Thanks Alex!!! Simply spanktastic stuff. SOOOO helpful. xxx

Thank you (in every single language) plus some! :)

Holy Baisil Oil you are genius.

You’re wonder woman. And I’m kinda in love with you.
Thank you for this generous spark of inspiration m’dear!
Can’t wait to welcome you to L.A. soon. Mwah!

I want to be YOU when I grow up!

Holy guacamole, batman! Thank you for such an awesome list!

Mad Libs for Blogging Excellence- Thanks!

LaToya Mitchell on Aug 9, 2013 Reply

This is brilliant! Thank you.

AMAZING list, thank you xx

I’ve been struggling for blogging inspiration – I just found it.

Honestly! The most generous creative minx ever!!!

Hey Alexandra, I have an ongoing list – and am thrilled to up the count with a whopping 88 more prompts!

Thanks. Love ya.

Hooray! I struggle so much with writing blog posts. This is a huge help. Thank you!!!

Brilliant and generous! That’s a rare personality combination! Thanks for the inspiration!

I heart this so hard. I want to write 88 blog posts right now!

ohhhhhh I needed that. Thanks Love!

You guys are sooooo kind. Happy blogging!

Alexandra Franzen on Aug 9, 2013 Reply

I so love getting your emails Alexandra! Awsome list! :) I ‘m having a _____________day so far THANK YOU! :)

This is fabulous! Really. What a joy to read your wonderful ideas.

The clever comments from your peeps is proof you are making an impact! Thank you sweet woman!

Pure gold… what more can I say. LOVE your work.

This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

This is amazingly helpful! I have started following you on Bloglovin :-)

These are brilliant! I’m going to save them to my blog ideas doc :)

This is amazing. Sharing with EVERYONE I know!

I adore your lists ^_^ .

Geeees Louise, or should I say, Alexandra. You are an absolute gem. Wow- xx

Thank you so much! I can’t decide which ones to try first!

Im so stumped , I seem to only be writing about sick things recently :/

Alexandra what an amazing gift. Thank you :)

Thank you! I have been in a slump and this list helps greatly!

This is brilliant. Now, I will always have ideas. Thank you so much for this list!

The struggle is real lol! Thx for this!!

Oh my God! You are amazing! My mind was as blank . . . well as it is now, trying to think of things that are blank! I’ve got this page in my Bookmark!

I am thrilled to have found your site!

Susan on Jan 24, 2014 Reply

OMG this is SO HELPFUL. I’ve needed something like this to jolt my ideas so thank you so much for the great material!

So inspiring! Thank you very much! English is not my first language and I always get writer’s block when it comes to writing blog posts.

Falling in love with women who vibrate with my soul on Friday afternoons, makes being single totally worth it. You are creative tinder for my waning fire!! Much gratitude.

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