30 mantras for people who are afraid of “missing out.”

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out.

It’s a serious cultural crisis — and it’s reflected in the way we eat (with cellphones blinking), sleep (with our laptops, nestled into the covers like digital lovers), work (with our inboxes & Twitter feeds open, at all times), commit (or rather, over-commit), and play (with one eye perpetually scanning the room, for something … better.)

FOMO is the polar opposite of FOCUS.

It’s rooted in the nefarious belief that this moment, right now, in all its splendor, with what we’ve currently got … just. isn’t. good. enough.

What would happen if … we collectively liberated ourselves from the painful grip of FOMO-itis?

Even just for a single hour — say, starting right now?

Let’s do it. I’ll join you.

Here’s a collection of mantras to help alleviate the fear of missing out … of needing to do more … and of not being amazing enough.

Choose one, or say them all. Repeat as needed. Onward, with ease!

30 mantras you can say to yourself …

— I am here now. I’ll be there, later.

— I’ve done enough for today.

— I’ve done (more than) enough for today.

— I’ve chosen to be here, now. And I made a really good choice.

— I could unplug for 100 years and not miss a single thing.

— I am very busy … at staying un-busy.

— I am a messenger of ease, in an un-easy world.

— I am leaving the world in better condition than I found it.

— I am mastering the art of supreme focus.

— I am exploring the science of play.

— I am living proof that less is more.

— I am a role model for a resentment-free life!

— Mr. Rogers would be proud of me, today.

— The biggest gift I can give to myself (and the world) is my well-rested body & mind.

— The greatest gift I can give to myself (and the world) is my own undivided attention.

— It is impossible for me to “miss out.” There are (more than enough) miracles to go ’round.

— Everybody needs me right now (AND) Nobody needs me right now.

— Everything needs to be finished (AND) Nothing needs to be finished.

— Nobody benefits from my exhaustion (BUT) Everyone benefits from my happiness.

— The Internet is my friend & my tool — not my home.

— My calendar is beautifully full, but not busy. My job is to keep it that way.

— Being quiet & still is the kindest thing I can do.

— When I rest, unplug & play, I give other people permission to do the same.

— When I let emails sit in my inbox — instead of answering them instantly — I am teaching patience to others.

— When I move at a slower, easier pace, I am modeling compassion for others.

— When there’s less on my plate, my true brilliance has space to emerge.

— Every time I say NO, somebody else gets to say YES.

— Every time I say NO, my life gets lighter & brighter.

— Focus is such a flattering color.

— Ease looks good on me.

… and 1 mantra you can say to somebody else:

— The only thing on my to-do list … is you.

What do YOU do when you’re feeling over-stretched, over-worked, over-booked and / or under-focused?

Breathwork? Yoga? Cartwheels? Candles? Magic? Mantras? Share the love, if you please.

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