Want folks to act / click / share / buy now?
Screw the sales pitch. Write a Love Letter.

One week ago, I was sitting at the top of the world (well, Alberta, Canada — close!) with a room full of entrepreneurs, community leaders, coaches, designers, videographers and artists. (And one well-traveled teddy bear.)

I’d just led the group through a whirlwind of writing exercises — on how to craft a personal introduction, a bio, a heart-stopping announcement. Everyone was feeling good, groovy, grounded. But something was missing.


Oh yeah. That.

I scribbled a few notes on a scrap of paper, shuffled my Tarot deck, and decided to lead the group through a spontaneous exercise.

The premise: what if instead of writing a traditional “sales page” about your latest product, service, event, project, workshop or offering … you simply wrote your customer a Love Letter?

Not just a mushy-gushy-floppy-woppy Love Letter … but a Love Letter with a purpose, a focus, and an encouraging call-to-action.

Isn’t that a lot sweeter — and sexier — than a sales pitch?

We all thought so. And we’re not alone — Nikki thinks so, too. So does Nancy. And Grace. And even the folks at job-hunting portal Monster.com. Hmm! Affection, connection, genuine appreciation. We’re onto something, folks …

Here are the 7 elements of a cashflow-generating Love Letter.

… with “examples” in italics, from yours truly.

Take it. Use it. Light up the world.

1. I want to live in a world where …

Describe the kind of world you want to live in.

“I want to live in a world where it’s easy to understand yourself — and be understood.”

2. I’m so tired of …

Tell me what you’re bored of, sick of, saddened by, or frustrated with.

“I’m seriously depressed by people not moving forward with their dreams, because they ‘can’t find the right words’ to explain them, to people who want to help.”

3. I want you to have …

Tell me what you want me to learn, understand, possess, be able to do.

“I want you to say what needs to be said, write what needs to be written, express what needs to be expressed — and do it with ease.”

4. So, I’ve created …

Tell me about this awwwwesome thing you’ve created, to solve the problems you’re tired of seeing in the world (and help me to have … whatever you want me to have.)

“So, I’ve created a spectacular workshop called WRITE YOURSELF INTO MOTION (aw yeah!). It’s all about taking those feelings & concepts & big dreams in your head, and translating them into words that other people can understand & rally behind.

It’s about describing the indescribable, and tangible-izing the intangible. It’s about your work, your word, and your mark on the world. Also: there’s dancing & really good food.”

5. Right now, I want you to …

Tell me what to do next. Click? Share? Buy? Sing?

“Claim a spot at one of my (rapidly-filling-up) 2013 workshops. A few are already sold out — or nearly there.”

6. It all begins …

When? Tomorrow? This summer? Tonight? Right now?

“NOW! Right now. Now is the best time. See you on the road!

7. With all my love …

Your name, here.



❤ Who are you going to send a Love Letter to, this week?
What’s it gonna say?



This is so wonderful, thank you for sharing!
Sending some good vibes your way :-)

I can not believe you are giving this magic away for free!! I listened to your coming out party and I read all of your blogs. I have been trying to find a way to talk about a business idea I have. It is utterly confusing whenever I try. It makes sense now. THANK YOU!

Katie on Feb 18, 2013 Reply

I love this idea – I need to go and re-write my sales page. Stat!

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas with us – you’re a star :-)

This is fab! Love it love it love it! xo

Awesome in all ways. A gift. Thank you!

this is amazing! what a gift. thanks so much. xo

michelle on Feb 18, 2013 Reply

Love this! Thank you. xo

Amazing synchronicity. I was just having a conversation with my fiance about sales pages and was strongly resisting using the totally overused, seriously annoying, traditional, super long & boring sales pages.

So thank you. You are confirming my intuition.

Before I sit to write my new love letter (for my new program, yay!) I will sit, breathe & connect with the loving guidance of my Inner Goddess & the inspiring essence of Miss Franzen.

Fortunately, you wrote my current “sales” page and I’m ever so grateful for that.

This is PERFECTION and as always, divine timing! Love you.

This is sooo juicy for a video…
On my list of juicy love making rants.
Thank you!!!

SO love this ! I call my “newsletter” a Love Letter for this very reason. For me sales is connection – with a deeper dream, a solution to a problem or whatever it is we want to connect with whether it’s a book, a lawnmower or a piece of jewelry. We want to connect sometimes with the item or with what it represents to us. And connection is a form of love. Amping up the love means amping up the connection and that just FEELS GOOD.

Thank you Alexandra for confirming what my intuition was telling me all along.

Love & Light,

Thank you Alex! This feels more like me than a traditional sales page. Why? Because my passion is the work and the transformation I want to witness in others. Spot on. Perfect. Just right. Just me.

Awesome! I am working on a love letter right now and this just changed everything. I was struggling with “sales.” To heck with that, I’m going to send love into the world and see what happens! I know one thing, I’ll feel a lot better about it. My product was created in love- I don’t want it to be about sales. I want it to help others (as I know it can). hmmmm great!

I’m just grateful for people like you. You don’t just sell your services, you sell yourself. You’re the kind of person I’d want to work with and have a drink with. When you can get people to genuinely want to do both of those things with you, that makes you something special. Props. Whatever journey you’ve been on to where you are now, is really showing its power.

Fabulous timing, Alex!! Just writing my sales page {I mean, love letter} today. You. Are. Awesome. {and very much loved!}

I have had a product launch in my head for a week that just wasn’t coming together…and then I wrote a kick-ass sales page in five minutes. I LOVE YOU ALEXANDRA. Thank you for being so brilliant and so GENEROUS!

I don’t even know you and you have added so much value to my life and I want you to know I am deeply grateful.

Thank you so much! I am sending you heaps and heaps of love and appreciation for this! After reading this article I had a sudden rush of clarity about an upcoming project that I have been thinking about – creating some kind of meditation group/event. Now I know exactly how to present this to my audience :)

This is a fantastic idea! I’m always looking for ways to promote my intuitive readings that don’t feel “salesy”. I think this could be a great fit for some of my services, and like Kate said above, I can also see it applying to future offerings that I’ve been brainstorming. Thanks so much for this!

Okay, so what did your Tarot reading say, exactly? Tarot peeps just gotta know, you know.

Oh, perfect! I always tell my clients that writing sales letters is like writing a passionate letter to a best friend. Full of love, understanding and the desire to make that heart-to-heart connection. But you say it so much better.

I wish I could be back in Athabasca…….. what an amazing weekend. I’m still feeling it! SO excited about all I took away…..

I absolutely LOVE this!!!

this is amazing! thank you so much. no lies, just revamped my sales like what. rowr. love to you xx fel

This is brilliant. This love letter can also serve as one to yourself, to remind you on those hard days why you’re doing what you’re doing. Also in this is a deep respect for your customers, showing them this isn’t about you and your profit margins, but their success and happiness. Well done!

Kat Gray on Feb 26, 2013 Reply

Wow! I did this and posted it on my website today. Thank you so very much. It really illuminated places I had been ignoring. Thank you!


I feel like flying after reading this. Easy breezy it is.

Thank you

I’m not an entrepreneur myself, but I’ll give this a go. OK so,
(1) I want to live in a world where Honesty, Truth, and Respect are shared freely with ALL people. (2) I’m so tired of playing the Guessing Game, and not understanding where people are truly coming from. (3) I want to have the ability to feel confident, even when I’m unsure of myself. To be able to be sure of myself, and my ideas, while at the same time admitting to when I’m wrong. (4) So I’ve created a space where I can be honest (my blog). I am not mean to people, nor so I gossip. It is the place where I stand in my truth. I am not embarrassed by how I feel, or the choices that I make. (5) Right now, I want to feel confident enough to share my writing. I haven’t built up the confidence to do this yet. Although I do like my blog private, and it being secure only for me (& a few other people only), part of me wishes I could feel calm and confident enough to share my work with my family, friends, and strangers. (6)It will all begin to feel easier when I make a habit of my writing, and continue to get encouragement. (7) Love, Me xoxo

Kelsey on Mar 25, 2013 Reply

Your writing has really inspired me and I went and wrote my “love letter”. I was amazed of the difference this made to my communication and how much more I enjoyed writing it. So I thought I would share this with others and I mentioned this page onto my blog http://gaellebythesea.wordpress.com/ onto the ” Com-mu-ni-ca-te” article crediting you of course. I spent hours on the day I discovered your site and I found it addictive, full or life and extremely inspiring. I hope many more stumble on your site and enjoy the ride…

That is great, thank you so much. Really gives me a ‘how’ and ‘why’ to follow. I am just starting to design my own handmade jewellery that I hope to sell part time. New to all this and have found your post funny, informative and really really helpful.

This… is amazing.

What a lovely idea! Suits me perfectly.

Very pleased to meet you, Alexandra!

I am going to watch out for your book!

Wow, this is simple and inspiring. Love that.

I must admit when I read the title of the post I was preparing myself for a bit too much mushy stuff, but this is direct – direct from the heart.

Thank you for sharing :)

You are a total miracle in my bilingual, bicultural, bicomplex, birich life! Thanks for helping me to express in my not so mother language! <3

I ran across your post last week and it inspired me to revise the sales page on my new course. Suddenly it feels really alive…the exact way I want people to feel when they join my course. Thank you for breaking this down, Ms. Franzen, in a way that makes eloquence easy!

I saved this for future use when I first came across it, and I knew I would need it sometime!

I just got up the courage to try this with my Facebook friends / t-shirt business ….. let’s see how it goes!

This is such a simple, effective way to invite people to come to a workshop. I’m going to use this idea for the promotion of my own course on empowering people to follow their dreams and create their world-changing online business. Thank you, Alexandra!

I want to kiss you! I am a typical starving artist because I don’t like to promote myself. I’m currently trying to write some books as a small indie publisher and I’m trying to create my sales pages. But all the sales advice I read feels so sleazy to me that I get turned off. I know the American world turns on its commercial businesses, and I have been through true starving periods. I have to make sales, and this lovely concept of writing to my readers as a love letter appeals so wonderfully to me! Plus, I just KNOW deep down in my bones, that it is the right way to go. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh Alexandra, you have opened my eyes! I am so grateful – you helped me to express what I always wanted to say. It never used to come out this way because of all the preconception of what it ‘should’ be and how the home page should look. Reading your post has been a revelation and gave me my true voice back.
I also absolutely LOVE your email signup (get nice emails from me) – I phrased mine in the same way. Hope that’s ok. let me know if yo’d rather I changed it.

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