Screw the sales pitch. Write a love letter.

One week ago, I was sitting at the top of the world (well, Alberta, Canada — close!) with a room full of entrepreneurs, community leaders, coaches, designers, videographers and artists. (And one well-traveled teddy bear.)

I’d just led the group through a whirlwind of writing exercises — on how to craft a personal introduction, a bio, a heart-stopping announcement. Everyone was feeling good, groovy, grounded. But something was missing.


Oh yeah. That.

I scribbled a few notes on a scrap of paper, shuffled my Tarot deck, and decided to lead the group through a spontaneous exercise.

The premise: what if instead of writing a traditional “sales page” about your latest product, service, event, project, workshop or offering … you simply wrote your customer a Love Letter?

Not just a mushy-gushy-floppy-woppy Love Letter … but a Love Letter with a purpose, a focus, and an encouraging call-to-action.

Isn’t that a lot sweeter — and sexier — than a sales pitch?

We all thought so. And we’re not alone — Nikki thinks so, too. So does Nancy. And Grace. And even the folks at job-hunting portal Hmm! Affection, connection, genuine appreciation. We’re onto something, folks …

Here are the 7 elements of a cashflow-generating Love Letter.

… with “examples” in italics, from yours truly.

Take it. Use it. Light up the world.

1. I want to live in a world where …

Describe the kind of world you want to live in.

“I want to live in a world where it’s easy to understand yourself — and be understood.”

2. I’m so tired of …

Tell me what you’re bored of, sick of, saddened by, or frustrated with.

“I’m seriously depressed by people not moving forward with their dreams, because they ‘can’t find the right words’ to explain them, to people who want to help.”

3. I want you to have …

Tell me what you want me to learn, understand, possess, be able to do.

“I want you to say what needs to be said, write what needs to be written, express what needs to be expressed — and do it with ease.”

4. So, I’ve created …

Tell me about this awwwwesome thing you’ve created, to solve the problems you’re tired of seeing in the world (and help me to have … whatever you want me to have.)

“So, I’ve created a spectacular workshop called WRITE YOURSELF INTO MOTION (aw yeah!). It’s all about taking those feelings & concepts & big dreams in your head, and translating them into words that other people can understand & rally behind.

It’s about describing the indescribable, and tangible-izing the intangible. It’s about your work, your word, and your mark on the world. Also: there’s dancing & really good food.”

5. Right now, I want you to …

Tell me what to do next. Click? Share? Buy? Sing?

“Claim a spot at one of my (rapidly-filling-up) 2013 workshops. A few are already sold out — or nearly there.”

6. It all begins …

When? Tomorrow? This summer? Tonight? Right now?

“NOW! Right now. Now is the best time. See you on the road!

7. With all my love …

Your name, here.


— Who are you going to send a Love Letter to, this week?
What’s it gonna say?