THIS is what’s possible.


You tried. Really gave it a shot. Struggled + strived. But you’re convinced, now: it’s not possible.

This whole designing your ideal life + business thing. This whole making art and filling your bank account thing. This whole joy + success + hot sex + abundance + inspiration + waking up THRILLED to create, serve + thrive thing.

Possible for her. For him. For them. For the special, the privileged, the early-adapters, the “lucky.” Not for you.

AS fucking IF.

Every single day, my clients + comrades show me what’s POSSIBLE. And it pickles my brain, and zaps open my eyes.

THIS is what’s possible. For the ordinary + extraordinary, for the overambitious + undernourished, for valedictorians + drop-outs, for those who chose wisely + those who made disastrous mistakes, for geekettes + tech-phobes, for dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneurs + Renaissance souls, for complicated + simple + hard-working + lazy + COMPLETELY NORMAL + HUMAN people like YOU.

THIS. is IT.

IT IS POSSIBLE … to skip college and run a Washington DC think-tank instead, to say FUCK on your self-realization + spirituality blog, to be ousted from your own damn ‘wellness + lifestyle’ company, and land the #1 spot on MULTIPLE Amazon bestseller lists — before your book even launches. While raising a kid. And remarrying a husband. And lint-rollering dog hair off your jeans. Done, and done!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to immigrate from India to Canada, nestle yourself in a spirit-lifting home with an ocean view like triple-distilled heaven, and spend your afternoons admiring sun-bathing sea lions on the shore. To make your living as a professional energy worker — aligning chakras over the phone, and unfolding miracles in virtual classrooms. For serious? YES!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to spend half the year traveling the world + the other half in a frugal + fabulous apartment, blogging about your adventures, getting published in glossy magazines + creating calendars + postcards that inspire girls around the world to be courageous + bold. It’s happening!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to spend your days spraying gallons of glitter on Styrofoam stars in a groovy downtown LA warehouse, and spend your nights painting portraits of beautiful women with antlers. She’s doing it!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to spend ten years as a stripper, co-create a profitable real estate empire, dip your toes into yoga instruction,
and then rise into your most epic adventure to date, as a whip-cracking business coach — all from your double-decker duplex in the Midwest. Hot damn!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to be a part-time professor, a lotta-time business coach, a dream-powered muse, a TEDx-talking speaker, and a full-time DyVa. Check out that realness!

IT IS POSSIBLE … to write a novel and trash it. To pour your heart into your first career and chuck it. To buy a house and decide you don’t want it. To find yourself spinning — Jesus take the wheel! — into a career you never imagined could feel so right. Or so profitable. Or so prescient. To write posts like this one, and know that your words will touch ladies + gents from Munich to Melbourne. I’m livin’ it.

Take your ‘impossibles’ and cradle them, gently. Then kiss ‘em tenderly — and throw them off a moving train.


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Unconventional / uncanny resumes and bios ftw. I love this, Alex, and I think you’re all kinds of wonderful for possibilizing us up!

Oh, you! <3


Kim on Jan 10, 2012 Reply

Oh, inspiring starwoman — thank you.

To take a page from, well, probably you: You are made of AWESOME.

Chills. Everywhere.

Leslie on Jan 10, 2012 Reply

I’m inhaling this deeply.

You inspire me to get to work on crafting a lusciously accurate “It is possible” for me. Thank you!

Your wordsmithery (and of course, that soul) amazes me. Simply so. Makes me want to go read and live right this minute. But I have to go to bed now. Thank you for the inspiration!

Thanks for those uber-inspiring words!

Sonja on Jan 11, 2012 Reply

Your words always leave me with a smile on my face and feeling more alive and ready to tackle anything! Definitely feeling it down here in Melbourne!

Viv on Jan 11, 2012 Reply

I want to surround myself with an army of yous, and before my butt melds to this overworked office chair.

Thank you for this reminder, these truths, the great story-telling… Everything!!

This is fucking awesome. ; ) Thank you.

I needed this. I really needed this. Just trashed 6 months of screenplay work and felt like I was momentarily drowning in hopeless failure.


YEAH! Thanks for the reminder of what’s possible and for introducing me to some more rockin’ women.


LOVE. Especially about buying a house then deciding you don’t want it. I still have mine and it feels like a giant tether. But … to sell would be to lose all my money. Tough call. Xo

Alana on Jan 12, 2012 Reply

Your writing is amazing… wow! Subscribe.

My favorite part? Lint rollering dog hair off your jeans.

Awesome post~!!

Right on!

Love them all. Also Gabrielle Bernstein and Jessica Mullen inspire me much.

Have a blessed Venus weekend

I’m so glad my friend showed me this. I really needed to read it. Sometimes, it feels like I’ve lost momentum while pursuing my dream. Worse is when I feel like maybe I’m doing it all wrong and it will never work. I just keep reminding myself to stay true and keep going. Things tend to work themselves out, but pieces like this, really make it easier to do.

This just gave me the push I needed to finish my homework, to get creative instead of sitting around being boring, and to try to live even though I feel like all I want to do is fall apart. Thank you so much!!

Elle on Jan 14, 2012 Reply

Thank you. like a billion times.

musta be doin’ something right cuz i’m blubbering like a fool on a sat night. *sniffIe*

thanks for saying yes… and no. :)

We live in a world of illusions. “Impossible” is just a personal concept, and it must be a personal decision to define our limits.
You seem to have a good philosophy of life Alexandra, isn’t it the most important?!

You have just officially rocked my socks off! I hope to achieve all I dream to do (I’m starting with doing my first ever around-the-world trip this year) but with that you just made me think…you know what, maybe I can (and then some)! THANK YOU!
Em x

Thank you.

This is amazing and so passing it on to a friend incase they haven’t seen it yet :)

Hell yeah! I am so sick of people telling what is possible and what I will constantly just dream about and never experience. It’s so sad that people become embarrassed of what they truly want out of life because some people can’t see it happening for them.

Thank you for such an honest and inspiring post to remind people that there are amazing women doing incredible things to learn from and follow their lead! x

Mil thank yous to the moon and back

So great, maybe you’re right….

My favorite article EVER!
Thank you for this, sharing with everyone I know.

Very inspiring! I’m going to fwd your site to many young women I know, and it also reminds me, even though “I’ve been there, and done that”… that I could have done more if I would have dreamed more and acted on them more.

I still have tons of ideas… and hope to achieve more and work on my “lofty schemes”. lol… even though I’m entering my “purple hat” era.

Vera Anne on Oct 31, 2012 Reply

Possible for her. For him. For them. For the special, the privileged, the early-adapters, the “lucky.” Not for you.

AS fucking IF….I love this, we creatives have momentary lapses of confidence in ourselves, our beliefs and our creativity…But 2moro we will wake up, wash our faces, put our best pair of shit kickers on and create a master piece that will give back what we already knew….fantastic lady!!! Keep on keeping on :@

anna.key on Nov 6, 2012 Reply

Thanks for just introducing me to a bunch of amazing people. Now I’ve got a bunch of new blogs and websites to read.

Well hello CPR for the heart! What a post of inspiration! Yea for us who are doing it each and every day!

Alex= inspiration. Beautiful!

This just put a fire in my belly like nothing else could. Grazie.xx

This is brilliant. I loved reading this! I’m saving this one and am going to come back to it every time I hear myself saying “yeah, but I can’t make money doing that, so I need to do this too” or “Nobody really will pay for that,” or whatever.

KTorva on Sep 30, 2013 Reply

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