7 QUESTIONS TO ASK when you’re not sure who you’re becoming.

Just trust me on this. And go with … whateverything.

1 :: What am I freakishly good at?

Is it: scoring those quintuple-word-scores in Scrabble? Training unruly puppies? Cooking without a recipe? Nodding calmly in the midst of hysteria? Crafting unforgettable puns?

What are the things that comes so naturally to me, they don’t even register as legitimate ‘talents’?

2 :: What do I geek out about?

For real: what am I secretly researching, ogling & fantasizing about when I’m ‘supposed’ to be ‘working’? What gets me breathless & bug-eyed? What causes my voice to escalate, ten decibels? What do I long to (Jedi) master?

3 :: If I was a horrifically superficial & shallow person, what would I really want?

(FAME + MAD RESPECT + A JACUZZI WITH MOOD LIGHTING is a perfectly acceptable answer.)

4 :: What do I want to be known for?

I think I already know, but I’ll: consider my ideal job title or position, and then pop an (imaginary) hallucinogenic. So, like, NOW what?

5 :: If I had a full year off, and a stipend of {insert ‘how DARE you?!’ amount of money, here}, how would I spend it?

The time, that is? And then the money?

6 :: What’s going to be carved on my hypothetical tombstone?

Or: if that’s too grim to contemplate — what’s on my future résumé?

7 :: If my parents / my grandma / God / whoever holds my sense of personal propriety in check was GONE (poof!) and there was no one to offend, upset, or disappoint … who would I become?

What unspeakably dark (or exquisitely light) truth would I tell? What would I (finally!) allow myself to write, publish, announce or create? What kind of closet would I come out of? What would I completely, at last, and fully … forgive?

(Self)knowledge = power.
And more power to you.



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Your timing could not have been more perfect. I needed these questions like a crumbling mess of an old parking garage needs a wrecking ball.

Time to start from the ground up.

Thank you.

A fashion designer
A reader of books
A fiber artist
A world traveler
I’ll be thinking of more things….
Great questions.

Judging by my answers, Im already on my way to become a world explorer with camera and notebook in hand.

ps: Im freakishly good at sleeping.

Thank you so much for these questions! This post is simply stunning.
My list:
Traveling writer

Veronika on Dec 27, 2011 Reply

Gorgeous responses, y’all.

And The Dame :: ‘sleeping’ is a wonderful thing to be ‘freakishly good at.’

Alexandra Franzen on Dec 27, 2011 Reply

Such a wonderful post! This definitely helped reaffirm that I’m headed in the right direction! I wonder where I can go though, based on the fact that I’m freakishly good at finding out what other people are freakishly good at?

Stephi Dee: Talk to us! Be a career consultant or life coach! Perfect skill for it :)

I’m freakishly good at finding stuff on the Interwebs. Human Google w00tness.

I love this : ) Thank you. Inspirational times ten!

This is beautiful. I really enjoyed these exercises. I think they opened up a lot of new possibilities, too. Merci!

I know I’m late to the party, but just discovered this post and just wanted to say thankyouthankyouthankyou for these awesome questions. They’re so very right on and exactly what I needed to read to give myself a kick in the pants in the right direction. Well done!!

Andrea on Nov 7, 2012 Reply

I’m so uplifted by discovering your site! Thank you!

Obviously late to this post.
But seriously simple + brilliant, love these questions!

I stumbled upon your blog via an art blog. I am totally in love with what you have to say and how you say it in such a geeky and connectable way. Thank you for sharing.


I Will be full of passion… do whatever ı desire and attract peope who has clean energy…

nilgun on Apr 11, 2014 Reply

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