Hello. My name is Alexandra Franzen.

I run a communication agency, write books, and teach courses on how to clear mental resistance, make braver choices, and do things you didn’t think you could do.

I want to discover what I am truly capable of: physically, mentally and creatively. I want to give more than I thought possible. I want to empty the tank.

I believe that we get one beautiful shot at life, it’s a privilege to be here, and it’s never too late to make it count. Today is not over yet.

Marching off the edge of the map.

“The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.” –Bob Black

Since breaking my fibula, tearing a whole mess of ligaments, and getting a metal plate surgically installed to help me heal, I’ve been required to lay still for long periods of time, which is a completely alien experience for me, and one that has brought a lot of sharp, uncomfortable realizations to the surface.

Realizations like:

1. I am not as strong and resilient as I thought, especially when faced with physical pain.

(I have tremendous respect for people who live with chronic pain of any kind. You are my heroes.)

2. Walking is really, really awesome and I will never take it for granted again.

3. It might be time to take my career in a new direction. Maybe soon. Maybe not. Maybe subtly. Maybe dramatically. But the question keeps coming up, tugging at my heart, so I know it is worth examining.

These past few days and weeks, I have been haunted by a sweet natured ghost who keeps asking, “What else?” “What next?” “Who are you becoming?” “You’re a writer, sure, great, but how else will you contribute to the world?” … like a child incessantly asking all of the big questions (“What is heaven? Why is the sky blue?”) that don’t have simple answers.

I don’t have clear sky-blue answers just yet, but I am willing to “march off the edge of the map” to find them.

(OK, maybe not march. More like crutch-hobble-hop. My own kind of march.)

Here is what is happening now:

– I am taking a hiatus from blogging for a while. Maybe a few days. Maybe a few months. I’m OK with not knowing. In the meantime, you can read hundreds of archived posts right over here. Thank you & enjoy.

– I am going to study things that excite me. Topics like mental toughness and sports psychology are calling to me right now. Also: hairstyling. Why not?

– I am going to be patient, stay curious, and keep marching.

May we all find some way, big or small, to march off the edge of our maps today.



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