The Tiny Book Workshop – September 28-29, 2019 – Online – Take your book from “idea” to “done.”


But maybe you feel intimidated about the notion of writing a gigantic 300-page book?

Writing a “tiny book” might be a great option for you.

A tiny book is a short book (typically around 30-80 pages) on any topic that excites you. Tiny books are very powerful. Big creativity in a small package. For instance:

* A tiny book of family recipes.
* A tiny book of love letters for your partner.
* A tiny book filled with advice for your kids.
* A tiny book with great tips for your clients.
* A tiny book about self-esteem for teenagers.
* A tiny book for sleep-deprived new parents.
* Or, any kind of tiny book you can imagine!


Join Lindsey Smith (Founder of One Idea Press and author of Eat Your Feelings and Hear Me Roar) and Alexandra Franzen (Founder of the Tiny Press and author of So This Is the End and You’re Going to Survive) for The Tiny Book Workshop.

Learn how to outline your book, how to get unstuck and get the words flowing, and how to get your book printed…so you can experience the joy of holding the finished book in your hands!


Participate from anywhere in the world. Watch live video classes and chat with your instructors from your kitchen table or living room. No travel required. We beam right to you.


After sold-out Tiny Book Workshops in Pittsburgh and Brooklyn, we got feedback from people in our community:

“Please do an online version for people who live in other places!”

Your wish has come true! The next Tiny Book Workshop is happening ONLINE.

Live interactive video classroom. Watch live. Chat with us. Ask questions. Email for extra help. You can watch video recordings later, too. Participate from anywhere in the world.

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All times below are Pacific. 10 am Pacific = 11 am Mountain, 12 pm Central, 1 pm Eastern, 6 pm United Kingdom. Here’s a time zone converter.

Saturday September 28, 2019
10 am – 12 pm: Live interactive video class.
12 pm – 1 pm: Break time. Have lunch. Stretch. Relax.
1 – 3 pm: Work on your tiny book! Write, draw, doodle, make art. Email your teachers if you have any questions or want to share something you’ve created. We’ll be around all day–and happy to help out!
3pm – 4 pm: Live interactive video class.

Sunday September 29, 2019
10 am – 12 pm: Live interactive video class.
12 pm – 1 pm: Break time. Have lunch. Stretch. Relax.
1 – 3 pm: Keep working on your book! Write, draw, doodle, make art. Email your teachers if you have any questions or want to share something you’ve created.
3pm – 4 pm: Show & tell, round of applause!

Saturday October 5, 2019
10 am – 12 pm: Bonus/Follow-up class. Give updates on your project. Show off what you’ve been working on. Get a pep talk if you feel stuck. Ask any questions that have arisen over the last week.

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We want to help you stay motivated after the workshop ends.

* After the workshop, you will be invited to submit your book to Lindsey’s publishing company—One Idea Press—to be considered for publication. Send your finished manuscript…and you might be offered a book deal!

* Also, you will be invited to attend a follow-up class on Saturday October 5, 2019. Reconnect with your teachers and fellow workshoppers. Ask additional questions. Share an update on your progress. If you can’t attend this meeting, you can send a question via email and watch the recording later.

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* What is a “tiny book” and why bother writing one?
* Different types of books you might want to create.
* How to choose a topic for your book.
* How to create an outline for your book.
* A few different ways to get unstuck and get the words flowing.
* How to break your project into small, realistic, achievable goals.
* How to make time for writing even when your life is extremely busy.
* How to get past emotional blocks, like perfectionism and self-criticism (“I suck at writing,” “Nobody will want to read this,” “This is pointless.”)
* How to turn your project from a Word document into an actual physical book (different printing and publishing options to consider).
* How to build confidence in your writing abilities and feel proud of what you’re creating, even if “only five people” ever read your book.

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Please double-check your calendar, your budget, and your “hut” (heart + gut) before registering for this workshop. Please make sure you can really, definitely attend.

Once you register and pay, there are no refunds for any reason.

If you register and then you change your mind and decide not to attend, you are welcome to give your ticket to a friend and they can attend in your absence.

If you register and then you can’t attend the live video classes, you can also watch the recordings later to catch up when it’s convenient for you.

Thank you for respecting this policy.

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This workshop is $345.

The last day to register was: September 15, 2019.

Registration is now closed.

If you’d like to be notified about future workshops, retreats, and classes, please hop onto this newsletter. Thank you so much!

Your payment includes:

* 8 hours of live interactive video class time with Lindsey and Alex (divided across 3 days).
* 4 hours of independent time so you can work on writing your book (your instructors are available during this time for questions, feedback, encouragement, pep talks, etc.).
* Video recordings of all classes in case you need to watch and catch up later.
* A beautiful snail-mail parcel–shipped to you before the first class–with your Tiny Book Workbook, a selection of books to inspire you, colorful pencils, and other surprises!
* An invitation to submit your book to One Idea Press for consideration/possible publishing.
* Lots of valuable ideas on writing, goal setting, and how to take projects from “idea” to “done.”

Questions about this workshop? Please send a note to Thank you!

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